12 Days of Deluscar – Day 5: Stats

I don’t think I ever once posted any stats or numbers for my blog, so I figured it’s as good a time as any now.

I started blogging since 2012, which if I recall, was in the middle, or maybe even tail-end of the peak of the blogging platform. I will go into this more later, but the advent of social media like twitter and reddit becomes everyone preferred go-to platforms when it comes to textual content. Literally everyone is using them so they are super accessible, as such, blogging activity started dwindling down as you can see by the number of views. And I swear I’m not making excuses, I really did my utmost to maintain my blog’s activity and with as much creative content to boot. And this wasn’t just me, other bloggers who started at around the same time as me also saw similar stats over the years. There’s just no fighting reality, I suppose.

Next up is the top viewed post and pages on my blog. Some interesting tidbits — visual novel posts used to do really well on my blog. Ignoring my homepage there, my VN list is the no.2 most viewed page, and was constantly on the top since the page was created. My Kamidori Alchemy Meister review is also constantly doing good numbers even to this day, strangely enough. I do think visual novel posts used to do really well here because visual novel as a medium still weren’t as common back then, compared to these days thanks to Steam — and I started writing about them since the former days. It sounds like a contradiction but back then, I really do feel there’s a sincere effort within the internet community to spread word of this wonderful medium, exactly because VN as a medium was still such an unknown territory for most. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no way people would care about Kamidori. Like what the fuck is that porn game, man.

Some of my top search terms. I selected “all-time” there, but even when I go with more specific time periods, there (un)fortunately aren’t anything super weird. Not going to bother with screenshots, but if you’re interested I do find some search terms from the likes of “hotd panties”, “mh3u hentai reddit”, “nisemonogatari xxx”, “all rakudai kishi no cavalry nude compilation”, “fate stay night h scenes” and so on. …Let’s move on

The above is the number of views sorted by countries, and a map showing how far my blog has reached all across the globe. It looks amazing, but it’s not like I’m literally doing good numbers on every single country out there. US by far has the biggest number, which is to be expected considering this is a full-English blog. But just looking at the map alone and ignoring the numbers, I do feel at least a little proud of what I’ve done — it feels like I’ve covered a lot of ground (like almost literally the whole map) over the course of 10 years I’ve been doing this.

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