12 Days of Deluscar – Day 8: The Art of Guest Posts

Earlier I alluded to the importance of interacting with the blogging community. This post will expand on that — guest postings. Yes, you can comment on other people’s blog, you can participate in more anime discussions and whatnot, but you can also guest post.

As they say, sharing is caring, and there’s nothing more caring than writing posts for other bloggers. I’m personally a fan of writing guest posts, as you can probably see. Aside from encouraging a sense of togetherness, it also helps both you and the other blogger. Guest posts allow other bloggers to enjoy more dynamic content and refreshing opinions on their blog and furthermore it also helps build up your presence in the aniblogging community.

But guest posts aren’t easy, admittedly.

Some people are a little picky about the kind of content they want on their blog, and to be fair, I would be the same myself if people guest write on my blog. If you are a blogger and you have a certain vision and theme you want to adhere to your blog, it’s completely understandable.

If you are interested in guest posting, your first action is to check out their about or contact page, and see if they are accepting guest posts on their blog. If there’s already an official announcement of sorts, then it’s easy — just contact them and work out the details. If they aren’t any official announcements and you’re not sure if they want any guest posts, again just contact them. I usually just tell them I’m interested in writing a guest post for them, and explain what kind of content I’m planning to write for them. Even better if you already have a draft ready, so you can just show it to them.

As for the content? This is the tricky part.

It’s important to talk to the blogger, observe their blog and gauge what kind of posts they might prefer. Editorial bloggers would probably prefer more unique posts in general so you should avoid posts like reviews or impressions. For me, I like writing posts focusing on topics that may suit the blogger’s theme or tastes.

To illustrate some examples, in this post for Wieselhead, I wrote about figures since it’s a figure blog I’m guest writing on. I also wrote a post on anime music on Anime Instrumentality, a blog pertaining to… you guessed it, anime music. In another example, I wrote an idol post for Chikorita157’s Anime Blog because I know he likes idols. Over here in The Geek Clinic, I wrote a topic about visual novels because I know the author of that blog plays a lot of visual novels.

A fruitful discussion.

In my experience, the exercise of thinking and researching the right content for the blogs I’m guest writing on has become quite fun to say the least. Because of the necessity to expand beyond your familiar interests, it can feel bold and adventurous writing about stuff you don’t normally write about. And after a while, perhaps you might even develop a wider, dynamic scope of ideas which can only help your own blog in the long term.

To encapsulate this post, writing guest posts is fun and adventurous, and there’s a lot of merits. It helps promote togetherness within the aniblogging community, you can build up your presence and it can diversify a blogger’s usual content. If you have blogged for a while and feel like you are up for the challenge, feel free to give it a try.

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