Top 5 Chinese Anime Characters

As I’m a Chinese myself as most of you would have already known, I’m always happy to see Chinese characters emerge into the world of anime. Here is my top 5 list of my favorite Chinese anime characters.


1. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Being hailed as arguably the “most American” anime of all time, it’s easy to forget sometimes that the show starred a Chinese-American protagonist who goes by the name of Rebecca Lee, or more commonly known as Revy. Engaging in countless gunfights with a pair of customized handguns and a cigarette in her mouth, she is the epitome of badassery. And in a show which is pretty much the “Michael Bay anime”, she is the perfect protagonist.

2. Kagura (Gintama)

Gintama has a lot of great, quirky characters and to be honest, Kagura is just one fun character among the myriad of super entertaining characters. Of course, her antics and wackiness is definitely up to par with the entire cast of crazy characters, and definitely contribute to Gintama’s overall enjoyment. Being part of the main Yorozuya trio, she is also heavily involved in quite a few of the show’s best arcs. Being voiced by Rie Kugimiya as well is the icing on the cake.

3. Lenalee Lee (D.Gray Man)

Lenalee Lee is an interesting pick. She is not the perfect character by any means, and possessed more flaws than strengths. Often times however, flawed characters are the ones that are the most intriguing. Lenalee Lee struck the perfect boundary of being an excellently humanized character in a shounen show, while not being overly weak or wimpy you could have sworn she would do better in a shoujo show. Furthermore she is a steadily developing character along the course of the show, and all these contribute as to why Lenalee Lee is just such a great character. Oh, and twintails.

4. Ling Yao / Greed (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

If we are talking the Brotherhood version of Full Metal Alchemist, you really can’t not mention Ling Yao without mentioning Greed, as both technically became the same character. Normally carefree, Ling is a character whose greed and obsession with kingship allowed his own body to get taken over by Greed. Greed himself is a surprisingly dynamic character and one of the many things I enjoy in this show is actually his relationship with Ling. It was just such an unique way to explore not one, but two characters in the way Brotherhood did.

5. Hei (Darker Than Black)

A polite “college student” at day and a stoic badass at night, Hei is another character in this list that I’m reminded more of his badassery than anything else. Wearing a mask, dark trench coat and equipped with wires and electricity abilities, I swear I’m almost watching a Chinese Batman at work — everything involving him is really the best highlight of the show, and yes, that includes him stuffing down heaps of food in a family restaurant.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Chinese Anime Characters

    • Actually, I have one choice which would even beat Hei, but thing is, he’s not from an anime but from a visual novel, which is why I refrained from putting him on the list [won’t say who he is for teasing.. or perhaps for possible future surprises] xD

  1. Kamui is not Chinese. Kamui is an alien.

    I find that the most badass original Chinese male protagonist from a Japanese anime adaptation from a Japanese manga is Li Shengshun from Darker than Black and the most badass original Chinese female protagonist from a Japanese anime adaptation from a Japanese manga is Rebecca Lee from Black Lagoon.

    Female Japanese protagonist who is transported to a fantasy Imperial China :
    – Yuuki Miaka (Fushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play)
    – Nakajima Youko (The Twelve Kingdoms)

    List of Japanese anime adaptations of Japanese mangas with a Chinese protagonist :

    -1046 B.C. fantasy Ancient China based on the Chinese mythology novel “The Investiture of the Gods” with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Taigong Wang (Soul Hunter)

    -3rd century B.C. Ancient China with a Chinese protagonist based on History :
    – Li Xin (Kingdom)

    2st century A.D. – 3th century A.D. Imperial China based on the Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Liu Bei (Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi)
    – Guan Yu (Koihime Musou)
    – Cao Cao (Beyond Heavens)
    – Lu Xun (Koutetsu Sangokushi)

    8th century A.D. – 9th century A.D. Fantasy Imperial China based on the Chinese mythology novel “Journey to the West” with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Tang Sanzang (Saiyuki)

    8th-9th century A.D. Imperial China based on Chinese mythology in a fantasy Imperial China with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Xu Xian (Panda and the Magic Serpent)
    – Hong Xiu-Li (The Story of Saiunkoku)

    Imperial China based on Chinese folklore :
    – Taito Shirei (Hero Tales)

    19th century A.D. China during the Manchu Qing dynasty with a Chinese male protagonist in a fictional story :
    – Liu Mao Xing (Cooking Master Boy)

    19th century A.D. England with a Chinese female protagonist :
    – Miss China (Spirit of Wonder)

    1980s Japan with a Chinese female protagonist :
    – Pai (3×3 Eyes)

    1990s USA setting with a Chinese American male protagonist :
    – Cound D (Petshop of Horrors)

    1990s around the world with a Chinese American female protagonist :
    – Rebecca Lee (Black Lagoon)

    2000s Hong Kong with 3 Chinese female protagonists :
    – Anita King, Maggie Mui and Michelle Cheung (R.O.D. the TV)

    2000s Japan with a Chinese female protagonist :
    – Xiang Ying (Angel Heart)
    – Mao Lan (Fighting Beauty Wulong)
    – Onimaru Miki (Ramen Fighter Miki)

    2000s Japan with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Li Xiaolang (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)
    – Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHolic)
    – Li Shengshun (Darker than Black)
    – Lü Bu (Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan)

    2010s Japan setting with a Chinese male protagonist :
    – Lin Xianming (Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens)

    Futuristic setting in space with a Chinese female protagonist :
    – Li Meifon (Angel Links)

    I recommend you “Kingdom” which is set in Ancient China.
    The Japanese manga “Kingdom” has been for 4 years the third most selling manga in Japan.
    Kingdom is the third best selling manga of of 2019 in Japan.

    Source :

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