Yearly Best Girls


Every year there’s a myriad of new anime, and new best girl-quality characters are in certainly no short supply. I decided to choose the best one out of them each year — below is a list of my yearly best girls.

(Note: I use the term “best girl” and “waifu” very interchangeably. Also there will be spoilers for some of the titles mentioned, I noticed I just can’t express why I like them without spoiling a bit).


Waifu of 2012 – Roromiya Karuta (Inu x Boku SS)

If you think gashadokuro (literally giant skeletons in Japanese folklore) couldn’t be moe, meet Karuta. Voiced by Hanazawa Kana, likes delicious food, a skilled cook and is the moest waifu that ever waifu-ed. Words need not be spoken as I think this video pretty much speaks for itself. I mean, how could anyone not be enamored by this adorable creature? If you are not, then you are a monster.


Waifu of 2013 – Aoyama Nanami (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Nanami fell victim to the “heroine will always win” trope, but we all know Nanami has always been the one true waifu in Sakurasou. Nanami is the humanized, talent-less character of the bunch who has to rely more on hard work and dedication. Nanami is the plain Jane in a place full of talented people, and she is the one who can actually relate to the worries of the also similarly talent-less Sorata. To see her set her feelings aside just so Mashiro and Sorata can be happy… gosh, my heart.


Waifu of 2014 – Sinon (Sword Art Online II)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and confess that Sinon has, and always been my SAO Best Girl, so much that nobody in Kirito’s harem even comes close. Cool, calm and collected is a quirk I’m always appreciative for (also nekomimi), and on top of that, she has by far the best character story too. There’s truly no competition and being voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki is a plus. Sinon is a sniper that effortlessly snipe right at my heart.


Waifu of 2015 – Megumi Kato (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

The entire idea behind Kato is that she is a nameless NPC character you often see in the background. She is, for the lack of a better word, “normal”, but that does not diminish her ability to be best girl, no, far from it. Her interactions feel the most natural, her replies are often witty, snappy and hilarious — in fact, her blandness ironically makes her stand out in a show full of trope-y characters.


Waifu of 2016 – Rem (Re:Zero)

Watching Re:Zero, I always feel Rem is the more natural character to end up with Subaru. Episode 18 even seemed like it really were going to pull the trigger. And it makes total sense: the story, the developments and everything else just appeared to point to this one direction. Unfortunately that ship didn’t set sail, and this meme was even born. Nonetheless, that episode proved Rem is the true waifu. Emilia a shit.

Waifu of 2017 – Hinata Kaho (Blend S)

Kinpatsu moe character who play video games? Also a twintailed tsundere at that? I mean, that’s like a match made in heaven! Obviously, she’s also shown to have a strong blushing face game as well during the few times she’s flustered in the show, a trait I more than welcome to have. While the focus of the show is usually on Maika (and a certain manager) — my heart go straight to Hinata Kaho.

Waifu of 2018 – Shizu (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken)

In a show that is more of a light-hearted comedy, Shizu has a surprisingly sombre backstory that gives the anime more substance and direction. Even with Shizu gone, she has made such a strong impact that so much of the world and characters still have some relevance to Shizu. She also played a pivotal role in shaping Rimuru’s character (figuratively and literally) and allowed him to reaffirm his role and goal in this foreign world.

Waifu of 2019 – Senko (Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san)

2019 was a year I had way more choices to pick than I thought. Instead of going for picks everyone will be choosing anyway, I instead opted for a more unorthodox choice — Senko. I don’t even know where to begin — she has kitsunemimi, she has a fang, she goes “Umu!”, she cooks, she cleans, she lets you sleep on her lap, she lets you touch her kitsunemimi and shippo, she cleans your ears, she massages you and oh, she’s literally a god. Holy crap, she’s perfect. Senko’s warm presence evokes a healing that will no doubt soothes everyone’s soul who’s suffering like Kuroto. At the very least, I can say it certainly worked for me.

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