All-time Favorite Video Games


1. Devil May Cry 3-4

Entertaining, stylistic and badass hack-and-slash games. While storytelling leaves a bit more to be desired, there’s no doubt it’s action gameplay is one of the most polished. Incredibly smooth, fluid, and fast-flowing battle gameplay, which in turns require exhilarating and exiting quick responses as you mash your flashy and badass combos. Furthermore you can unleash just about any kinds of bizarre attacks, via various wacky weapons you get throughout the games; be it a swing from your talking fire and gale twin swords, or a strum of your scythe/guitar, or a shooting spree from this weapon straight from the future. After all, Devil May Cry isn’t simply about defeating your enemies, but defeating your enemies with STYLE.

2. Final Fantasy

Admittedly the quality of Final Fantasy games have been questionable post-X. However there is no doubt the older titles are mostly instant classics. There are a lot of great titles and from the ones I played, Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X are my few top favorites. A special noteworthy mention to Final Fantasy VII in particular — the game features a dark, gloomy but an extremely gripping storyline and the flexible setup of the Materia system allows for very diversifying tactics. Though to be frank, it is probably because Final Fantasy VII was the very first game in the series I played, and my fondness of the game is essentially due to nostalgia. In my opinion all Final Fantasy titles are all great games in their own rights, and if you argue and say Final Fantasy [insert number] is the best, I will have nothing against it as well.

3. Persona 3-4

Persona is known to be a series featuring a high school setting with supernatural element. Each title in the series is great in their own rights, but Persona 3 and 4 are definitely the more popular and widely-acclaimed titles, and for good reasons. These two just exude a certain charm to them older Persona games just can’t seem to replicate — which I chalk it up as more fun and entertaining characters, predominantly Persona 4. Another thing that makes these two so good is that they have “Social Link”, which makes full use of it’s high school setting by mixing life simulator gameplay on top of the standard RPGs, further immersing you into the already incredible story. Last but not least, Persona’s soundtracks and combat system just sealed the deal.

4. Guilty Gear/Blazblue

I admit that I’m not really a fighting game person. However that does not stop me from liking games like Guilty Gear and Blazblue, to the point that I think they even deserve a spot in this list! Both series, developed by Arc System Works, are incredible excellent titles – smooth and fast-paced combat, complex premise, wacky casts of characters and last but not least, very fascinating hard rock soundtracks.

5. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is truly the richest video game series ever, with a myriad of ideas and concepts which include the likes of technology, psychology, war, supernatural, stealth, politics, ethics, martial arts, honor, loyalty and a lot more. As innovative as it’s storytelling, Metal Gear Solid also has really good stealth gameplay, even Metal Gear Solid 1 can hold up to modern standards. Intricate plots, thematic exploration, rich characters, polished stealth gameplay and great boss battle designs — the series has all the makings of a good game, and you would be hard-pressed to even find a single thing to complain about. Looking back, Metal Gear Solid was truly one of a kind.

6. Various Graphic Adventure Games

Over the years I have come across various graphic adventure games which are all top contenders for my favorite game lists, especially those on the portable consoles. I made a separate list for this, so please check it out if you are interested.

7. Suikoden

The Suikoden series is a reference to the 108 Stars of Destiny of Chinese classics literature. The games are set in a chaotic medieval war zone setting, where wars are fought due to the very powerful True Runes. Most of the games feature the main character, usually the silent protagonist type, who would later form his own army and recruit more and more soldiers under him, who would all soon become the “108 Stars of Destiny.” Pretty self-explanatory, one can recruit a maximum of all 108 characters – giving you a very wide and flexible tactical advantage in battles, as each character has distinctive styles. Noteworthy titles in the series are definitely Suikoden II and V, and also my favorites.

8. Xenoblade

Xenoblade is a game where I feel like no matter how succinctly I word my praise, it just won’t do it any justice — because the game is that DAMN good. Xenoblade is truly one of the most beautiful game I ever came across, which is amazing considering this was actually from the Wii-era, at a time where super high-definition graphics were still not quite the norm. The open-world environment also means your adventures will take you through every nook and cranny of it’s majestically designed world. On top of that, Xenoblade also has a great story and a glorious set of soundtracks. Perfection may be a difficult thing to achieve but if you are looking for a “Perfect RPG”, I personally feel Xenoblade is the closest.

9. The Legend of Heroes

Modern RPGs have really undergone quite some innovation over the years, The Legend of Heroes however still focuses on what makes traditional JRPGs shine, effortlessly creating a charming world that really feels alive thanks to their cast of charming and lovable characters. Combine that with polished gameplay and excellent soundtracks, the series, especially the Trails in the Sky trilogy is really approaching into one of the greatest damn thing I have ever played.

10. Project Diva

Initially just trying out the series as I needed some minor games as a break, Project Diva ended becoming one of my favorite game series, and perhaps the reason for this is because the series just exceeded so well in what it is doing – providing hours and hours of mindless fun. Project Diva is a series of rhythm games that feature Vocaloid songs and their mascot characters, most prominently Miku, but also including others like Luka, Kaito, Meiko, Rin and Len. With it’s great gameplay and fun selection of distinctive Vocaloid songs, the Project Diva series played a major role in turning me into a Vocaloid fan, something that I have been neutral to for the most part.


2 thoughts on “All-time Favorite Video Games

    • I saw the character design of MC for P5 and can’t say I really like it. But the story should be awesome, as always.

      About Persona Q, I would love to try playing to but is waiting for it to be included in Atlus sales. They have a lot of those anyway. Besides, still got a lot of 3DS games to play atm anyway.

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