Kyouko Fujiwara


Kyouko Fujiwara (藤原 匡子)

August 14

Background Info:
Kyouko is the chief maid of the Kougetsu household, and tends to the more personal needs of the Kougetsu family members, while usually accompanying them on their travels. While Kyouko carried out her maid duties excellently, anything involving her background remains a mystery. She also possessed military skills and knowledge including various firearms usage, military hand-to-hand combat, hacking, time bombs diffusion, lockpicking and so on. Kyouko had been protecting not just the Kougetsu household but throughout the city – solving various problems ranging from finding a lost cat to thwarting terrorist attacks. Unbeknownst to both Ran and Rin, Kyouko was nicknamed the “super maid” by the locals. With her strength and skills, she protects Deluscar from harm.

Height / Weight:
173cm / 57kg

3 size:
B91cm W57cm H93cm


– Cool and stoic
– Quiet, but blunt and straightforward
– Diligent and loyal
– Very organized and helpful
– Charismatic and possesses great leadership qualities

– Collecting all types of firearms
– Likes motorcycling during her free time
– Listening to rock music

– Superhuman strength, speed and stamina, which she utilized for her maid duties and some other(?) tasks
– Hand-to-hand combat and various martial arts
– Firearms fighting skills
– Domestic skills
– Can do almost anything



tumblr_nhjv8gJyJq1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Kagura-Kurosaki


Illustrated by EUDETENIS


Illustrated by SydusDucentia



Illustrated by Nonoririn



Illustrated by Mysticswordsman21



Illustrated by Shadow2810



Illustrated by Villyane


More pictures here

4 thoughts on “Kyouko Fujiwara

  1. I also want a mascot ! ;D
    I’d like to know how you made this very commission? What kind of information have you given to the illustrator?
    Or can you draw a little to show the person a concept? I think just telling the illustrator “I want a petite character with big boobs, animal ears, a fang. blue eyes..” will end in a desired result.

    • If you’re looking to design a new character, you should tell the artist that (just tell him you want to design an OC). After that, try to give as much information as possible to match your image. Like what kind of hairstyle, colors of hair/eyes, etc… If you’re actually pretty flexible and don’t really mind about the specifics much, your description there is fine, though I personally think it’s a bit too vague, lol. Also, image references help a lot too. I always like to give artists multiple image references, for example, if I want this particular hairstyle, then I look for an image with the hairstyle I want, and show him. Then for the outfit, I use other images as reference and so on. If you’re looking for a specific angle or perspective, then an image reference helps too. This particular character was created like that. I never try this but if you can draw a little yourself to show the artist what you need, I think it might help too, though I prefer to just find the right image references myself.

      It also helps if you have a profile for your character so the illustrator will have a better idea on how to draw them (i.e. cool, cute, graceful, mature etc…)

      • Oh no I did a mistake there, I wanted to write “I think just telling the illustrator… won’t end in a desired result. Oh nooo it made my comment sound dumb ! Anyway thank you very much for your advice, this will help me a lot.
        Still have to give it some more thought. Did you ever ask one of “your” artists to change a detail after the result was shown to you?

        • Oh :p Well, most important thing are the image references still. If I recall right, when I was working with a fellow artist to design Kyouko, I don’t think I even talk much, with the exception of the profile. Anything I want I just use image references.

          Actually I do, lol. Some artists don’t really like it so if there’s anything you want to change, best do it during the sketch process. When you commission an artist, they will usually send you the sketch for approval before they start coloring and finish it up.

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