Ore Monogatari!! – Takeo and Suna are Best for Shoujo Business

Yamato pls


I was never a big fan of shoujo. Not to say I hate them but every shoujo anime/manga I had seen are something of this kind-the wimpy heroine who easily cry even as you poke her slightly, and the pretty boy who started dating the heroine after some shoujo hijinks. Then after the heroine sees her own boyfriend two-timing (or something similar), misunderstanding, she will run away with tears in her eyes, and clumsily trip on a rock placed conveniently in the middle of the road for no reason and fall down with dramatic impact. Everything is so cliche-I can see everything telegraphed from a distance that I can’t help but sigh.

Additionally, I’m also never a fan of the “pure girl” archetype prevalent in shoujo titles. So despite the actual content of the title, there’s already problems beforehand to begin with-in that I’m not a big fan of certain elements common in shoujo. Admittedly though, it’s not like I watch a lot of shoujo to begin with, and there’s definitely some exceptions to the aforementioned formulaic pattern.

In this Spring season’s very shoujo anime Ore Monogatari, that exception is Takeo.


Console and Mobile Gaming

I was supposed to post this earlier, so this is pretty much old news by now, but if you had heard it-Hideo Kojima (famously known for his work in Metal Gear series) just left Konami and they had also announced that they were going to cancel production on the upcoming Silent Hill game on the PS4, which was originally planned to be a joint-project with both Konami and Kojima (detailed summary in the above video). A lot of people are extremely disappointed, considering the potential this game had, but some people think it’s a sound business decision from Konami-as they had already earned a profitable revenue from mobile gaming and pachinko, and they are not about to risk years and millions of money into producing an AAA game.

OreGairu Zoku To The “Casual Observer”

[Commie] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku - My Teenage RomCom SNAFU TOO! - 01 [E3B1108A].mkv_snapshot_00.57_[2015.05.13_05.56.48]

I will be the first to admit-I’m poor at noticing character’s subtleties, which is a big part of why I rarely talk about OreGairu if any of you noticed, though I had my fill of it just reading people’s analysis of each episodes from reddits, MAL and blogs. Of course, I like the show though, and if anything, OreGairu Zoku had been stellar each and every single week.

So I bought a Vita…

This is my Vita. I'm probably going to change the case to a silicone type, since I'm not too big on crystal cases.

I’m probably going to change the case to a silicone type, since I don’t really like the look of crystal cases.

Yea, so I caved in and finally bought the Vita Slim. I had only been fiddling with it for a few days, and I have to say it had pretty much replaced my main gaming console (PS3) as of late, though that’s probably because I managed to finish most of my PS3 games and I haven’t been buying new games for it recently.


Kai’s Takes on AniManga Controversies

Did someone just said “controversies”?

Foxy and Neko just recently commented on about some of the frequently-debated topics of the anime community. Seeing Miharu and OG doing the same, I felt like entering the bandwagon too, so here I am. Right, I’m going to hide the fact that I’m dangerously running low on things to blog about.