The Dragons in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and Their Original Mythical Counterparts

So I have been researching dragons for the past week or so… I guess you can call me a dragon geek now, all thanks to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Then I thought, “why not share my findings?” so here I am with this post where I talk about the origins of the dragon characters in the show.

Final Fantasy XIII + XIII-2 + Lightning Returns Review


Final Fantasy XIII is a game famous for it’s polarizing status. Since then, the game has spawned 2 more titles in this sub-series, and while each game definitely improved from the last, I am not too sure if the series actually deserved that much attention in the first place…


The Importance of Trashy Light Novels


While I understand there are legitimately good light novels, a lot of the trashier ones get adapted for some reason, and eventually, a joke has eventually come about — in that we literally label these light novels as “trashy light novels”. However, today I’m going to argue the fact that these trashy light novels are important, and have a big influence on the light novel culture.

Harvest Moon – A Story of My First Waifu

Ah, February 14, Valentine’s Day. I think it’s only right that for this joyous (or not) occasion, I shared everyone my nostalgic memory of my very first waifu.

Girls und Panzer der Film Review


Girls und Panzer is a series about tankery — military-themed sports that use tanks. The ideal was novel, resulting in a show filled with entertaining over-the-top tank matches. Never falling behind, the film effortlessly recaptures the spirit of the TV series and is every bit just as good.