Lewd Vocaloid Songs

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Note: This post contains NSFW material.

Because Vocaloids are entirely fan-based, it has something that mainstream music doesn’t-freedom, and that freedom includes lyrics as well. Some Vocaloid lyrics can get so explicit you would wonder if it’s even okay to be even uploaded to the internet, much less performed on stage.

Since today’s April Fool, just for shit and giggles, I’m going to recommend you guys some lewd Vocaloid songs I know. Before I begin though, remember this post? I originally wanted to follow the same format but I figure there’s no need for me to analyze these songs that deeply, considering some of these songs are just so blatant. I mean, there’s even a song blatantly called “Sacred Spear Explosion Boy”… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But what I will do instead, I will post the original PV of the song, and copy/paste the full lyrics for your perusal (I will also put up the source which has Japanese/romaji if you need them), then perhaps some brief comments from myself. Enjoy.

Insight to my Review System – Part 3


Now as for this third part of the post, I’ll talk about how I grade titles. It won’t be a massive wall of text unlike the previous post in case you’re worried. This post is basically just an expansion of this page.

Insight to my Review System – Part 2

[HorribleSubs] Owarimonogatari - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.30_[2016.02.15_19.13.23]

So in this part, we will finally delve into what goes into my mind, what I consider when I actually review/grade. Before I begin though, I’m going to slightly brief through how I usually structure my reviews. I usually start with an introduction, then a synopsis to describe the story’s premise. After that, I critique the story, characters, technicalities (graphics, sound, etc…) and finally, a conclusion, all in that order; albeit with pictures in between.

Insight to my Review System – Part 1


I had been reviewing for awhile but what goes into my mind when I review? This had been something I want to write for a long time, basically a post about review, and also to explain my style, structure and grading system in more detail. Ideally I would link it here too, which explained just a bit, but feel like doesn’t do it justice. So here we are, and while writing this, it basically spawned 3 different posts total. Since it’s just too long, I’ll post them consecutively for the following weeks.

So before I begin for real, in the first part here, I will first talk about the few commonly debated aspects of reviewing.

Tales of Zestiria Review


Tales of Zestiria is part of the Tales series by Bandai Namco. While I haven’t played a Tales game since forever, Tales of Zestiria is a good game and I feel like it’s an excellent re-entry point of the series for me, especially so as some of it’s mechanics are so refreshing to me it feels more of a revamp than a simple rehash. But I will confess, the biggest reason why I even play this game is that it FINALLY features Japanese voices, the first time ever in the series.