Liebster Award


Well, I was nominated for Liebster, something which I had done sometime ago if any of you still remember. I don’t mind more, of course, but here’s a reminder of what it’s about:

Bravely Default Review


Bravely Default is a 3DS spin-off of the Final Fantasy series, and while Square Enix did re-use elements of their previous Final Fantasy games-Bravely Default utilized and improved them. While Bravely Default is based on the Final Fantasy series, in particular, I found it is very heavily based on Final Fantasy I, the first game of the main series-from concept to story, from story to gameplay.

Rin Group Commission Poll


Kirei: My Rin is BEST GIRL.
Producer: No, MINE.

I’m a commissioner, I’m someone who has a thousand of images in his mind which I really want to visualize, but due to time and money, couldn’t get them done as fast as I hope. One of my many ideas for a commission, was to feature my own mascot, Rin, in a group commission with Rins from other anime.

A Look-back on OreGairu and Watamote – Sociological Approaches of Hachiman and Tomoko


OreGairu is an anime released way back in 2013, and was infamous with it’s cynical deconstruction of the romcom genre. Because it’s second season was announced (April 2015, I think), I figured it was about time to rewatch the first season and meanwhile, do a writeup on the interesting Hikigaya Hachiman (and a little bit of Tomoko of Watamote due to slight relevance of the topic at hand) as well.

My Light Novel Title is Long as I Expected

[HorribleSubs] Gintama - 221 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2014.12.23_19.00.46]

Light novels had been getting more and more attention; aside from manga, visual novels and even games, light novels nowadays had been a popular choice for anime adaption. However, have you ever wondered why some anime titles adapted from these light novels are just so damn long?