10 Video Game Pet Peeves

Yes, guys. It’s time for another boring list (because new ideas, HAHAHAHAHAAHA). I have been a longtime gamer (admittedly really on-and-off throughout the years) and there have been some things that just don’t sit well with me. Some of these may be a culture thing, or it’s the problem with the developer’s decision, or something about the genre, or maybe some parts of the mechanics or designs just frustrate me — but nonetheless, below is my 10 video game pet peeves.

Optimism in Book Girl

Book Girl is a whirlwind of human emotions.

Top 5 Lewd Things You Can Do in Anime


April 1, huh? Is it that time of the year again? Right, I suppose it’s time for another dumb post. For this year’s April Fool’s day, I’m going to write a list of lewd things you can do in anime. In no particular order:

Toku and Precure


I’ve been watching the Pretty Cure series recently and despite the “magical girl” label, I always feel like the series resembles a superhero series more than a magical girl series. Googling “precure superhero” just for shits and giggles, I found an excellent article drawing parallels between precures and Japanese superhero shows like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Since wordpress can’t reblog from other platforms, you will have to make do with a shitty copy/paste.

Once again, I just want to note that this article is not written by me. Credits to Ivanhobe of livejournal for this wonderful post. And no, I swear it’s not because I’m running out of materials to write myself.


To Ivanhobe: I actually wasn’t able to contact you. If you see this post and you don’t want this here, feel free to tell me, I’ll delete it.

Update (yet again) on some stuffs

screw you twitter ahhhhh

Yeah, uhh, sorry, I will publish some proper posts soon. I swear! It’s not my fault, it’s all [points finger]