Fate/Extra – Saber (EX Figure) by Sega

Birthday: December 15
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 42 kg
BWH: 83-56-82
Three sizes: B83/W56/H82

One of three Servants available to the protagonist of Fate/Extra. Similar to Arturia Pendragon, Nero is female. While she was notorious as a tyrannical emperor and for her arrogance as an artist with supremacy comparable to the gods, Nero is a kindhearted individual who wanted what was best for her subjects.

I no longer buy as many figures as I used to, but despite that, if there’s one thing I have a crapload of — it’s Saber figures. Unsurprisingly, I still have a few Saber figures I have yet to unbox, which I bought from god-knows-when. This post will be about one of these Saber figure from Fate/Extra.


Chuunibyou Idols – Which Came First, the Chuuni or the Idol?

With as many idol anime as we have now, there is also a plethora of idols with an array of different, colorful personalities, and one of them is the ever-popular “chuunibyou” attribute.

What Makes Koe no Katachi Work?

Koe no Katachi is a series I strangely only had experience reading the one shot. By the time I realize the manga actually exists (typical of my relationship with manga in general), the film was greenlit before I even had the chance to consider reading it, so I opted for the film.

Though because I read the one-shot, I know at least what to expect from the movie (this is from someone who rarely even check synopsis). And boy did I ever love the living hell out of the one-shot. Koe no Katachi is a poignant story revolving around a deaf girl and how she influences all those she met in her life.


Unique Blogger Award

I suppose it’s time for another one of my award post someone nominated me 1000 years ago (sorry, maengune). This one is the Unique Blogger Award where you need to answer 3 questions from the last person who nominated you.

Why are Japanese so Obsessed with Cats?



Sometimes when you watch anime, you might notice cats, and I mean hordes of them. These little furballs can be seen everywhere and because they are so cute, nekomimi are almost always associated with moe anime characters — paired up with a cat tail and a cute little fang and it will create a shockwave so explosive a second big bang will erupt, literally altering the laws of the universe.

…or not.

Anyway, Japanese love their cats but why?