Creative Blogger Award: Part 3

It’s always interesting to see what language(s) one use to communicate with their peers, and the way it reflects their culture. I’m going to show you guys a little bit of mine in this Creative Blogger Award (nominated by Mangataku-kun) where you need to share 5 facts about yourself… and additionally, my Japanese-learning progress (or lack thereof).

Happy (haha) New Year

Another year has passed. Some things happened last year that is at least somewhat of an improvement, but the stress and anxiety never stop coming. In a way, the latter might have become even worse. It’s like I’m constantly jumping from one hell to another recently. In other words, life goes on (lol).

Colloquium: Top 10 Anime Idols

As I experienced another lull in activity, I toyed with the idea of making another list to inject some life in the blog, and decided on a Top Idol list. Then the idea of collaborating with someone on the list springs to mind, so I asked a good friend and fellow blogmate, Leap (of Leap250’s Blog) and we decided on a Top 10 Idol list (we would do 5 each) not ranked consecutively.

8 Year Anniversary

Damn, 8 years.

Not sure how this happens, but I’ve stuck with blogging much longer than I thought. Again, thanks to everyone who’s been involved with this 8-year long journey. Your presence gave me the power and motivation to keep on writing, so I hope you will continue visiting this graveyard of a blog (lol).

If I can last the next year, I’ll see you guys again by then.

Yakuza 0 Review

Known by many as essentially a spiritual successor to Shenmue, the Yakuza series has always been respectable in it’s iteration of what made Shenmue such a masterpiece. But it is Yakuza 0 that arguably transformed the series from cult classic to a mainstream fan-favorite.