Top 5 Anime Gourmands

Because anime possesses the ability to express even beyond the capability of real life, anime characters eating good food is always a fascinating thing to observe. And since it’s April 1st, it’s time for another dumb post — below is a list of Top 5 Anime Gourmands.


The Sense of Progression in Shenmue’s World

Nearly 20 years ago (damn, I got into this bandwagon late, huh?), Shenmue shocked the game industry with several mind-blowing game features and mechanics that have become commonplace among games even today. But Shenmue’s biggest charm is undoubtedly this — it’s world. At the time of it’s release, emulating real life areas in a game seemed like an unfeasible task, but the madmen at Sega done it — amazingly, even. The attention to detail given to this game helps create an extremely immersive atmosphere, one where you can sense the developers’ care, creativity and sincerity in every corner of the world.

Further than that though, it’s also the way Hazuki Ryo interacts with this world, and the sense of progression you get as you journeyed along Shenmue’s resident protagonist that becomes the main appeal of Shenmue’s world.

The Advent of Yoko Taro Games and What Makes Them Special?

Note: Spoilers for Drakengard, Nier and Nier: Automata. Read at your own discretion.

2017 was a great year for video games, and Nier: Automata joined the list of games that have been the recent talk of town. Using the knowledge and experience Yoko Taro gained from working on past titles — Nier: Automata is a beautiful game that truly stretched the boundary of video game storytelling.

A new year and an update on my blog

I want to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. Days passed by as I stared at the ceiling; depressed, sick, hurt and wondering just what the hell has been going on with my life. Before I even realized it, the shitty year went by in the blink of an eye, with no hope still to be seen on the horizon.

…Well I can talk about how shit my life is all I want, but let’s talk my blog instead.

Merry Christmas

…Yeah, I’m barely even alive lately, as you must have probably noticed by now. I have some announcements to make on new year, so stay tune, I suppose.

For the time being, have a Merry Christmas, guys.