Here’s to Another Shitty New Year


Time flies by, and here we are, 2016. 2015 was kinda shit to me, you know, being laid off and all, though I probably shouldn’t rant as much as I already had here.

But eh, enough negativity, we should look forward to the new year. For now, here’s a few new year resolutions I want to accomplish:

A Quick Retrospect on 12 Days of Christmas/Secret Santa, and a Merry Christmas!


And the deed is done.

This year was the first time I done both 12 Days and Secret Santa at the same time, and I have to say, it went pretty smooth. I remembered rushing my posts like a madman during my last 12 Days of Christmas, I guess early preparations really go a long way, huh?

I’m not sure if I want to do this again next year, but I do have some other ideas for future 12 Days, I guess we’ll see in due time. If I really want to do it though, I should follow what I did this year and make some preparations early, because rushing 12 posts back-to-back isn’t really my idea of fun.

[Secret Santa] Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Review


This is my second Secret Santa anime review. You probably know what it’s about, but just in case-it involves recommending a blogger 3 anime where he must picked one to review. For mine, I chose Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, an anime aired way back in 2009. I heard high praises for this anime so my expectation was particularly high.

12 Days of Waifus – Day 12: Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)


Ahh, Hatsune Miku. The Vocaloid grew to a phenomenon after Crypton debuted Hatsune Miku, and personally, I had only become a fan of Vocaloid after I played Project Diva F on the PS3. Unfortunately, Vocaloid has it’s fair share of competition over the years, with it’s peers of similarly heavy fan-based franchises, including the likes of Touhou, KanColle, idolm@ster, Love Live and the likes-admittedly, I like all of what I mentioned there-but my true ultimate love will always be for Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku.

12 Days of Waifus – Day 11: Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night)


Rin is one of those characters where I just can’t seem to have an opportunity to spend any money on, which is baffling even to this day. I have a lot of Saber figures and posters, probably because they are just more accessible, but not a single one for Rin. I assume Saber is just more easier merchandised, considering how many versions of Saber there are and how aesthetically good all of them are. Despite this, and I would like to point this out clearly-my true absolute waifu in the Fate/Stay Night universe is Rin.