Sunshine Blogger Award: Part 2

It’s time to have another go at some of these awards. This time, it is OG of Yuri Nation who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. In this award, you need to answer a set of questions by the last person who nominated you.


Fate/Extra – Saber (EX Figure) by Sega

Birthday: December 15
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 42 kg
BWH: 83-56-82
Three sizes: B83/W56/H82

One of three Servants available to the protagonist of Fate/Extra. Similar to Arturia Pendragon, Nero is female. While she was notorious as a tyrannical emperor and for her arrogance as an artist with supremacy comparable to the gods, Nero is a kindhearted individual who wanted what was best for her subjects.

I no longer buy as many figures as I used to, but despite that, if there’s one thing I have a crapload of — it’s Saber figures. Unsurprisingly, I still have a few Saber figures I have yet to unbox, which I bought from god-knows-when. This post will be about one of these Saber figure from Fate/Extra.

Chuunibyou Idols – Which Came First, the Chuuni or the Idol?

With as many idol anime as we have now, there is also a plethora of idols with an array of different, colorful personalities, and one of them is the ever-popular “chuunibyou” attribute.

What Makes Koe no Katachi Work?

Koe no Katachi is a series I strangely only had experience reading the one shot. By the time I realize the manga actually exists (typical of my relationship with manga in general), the film was greenlit before I even had the chance to consider reading it, so I opted for the film.

Though because I read the one-shot, I know at least what to expect from the movie (this is from someone who rarely even check synopsis). And boy did I ever love the living hell out of the one-shot. Koe no Katachi is a poignant story revolving around a deaf girl and how she influences all those she met in her life.


Unique Blogger Award

I suppose it’s time for another one of my award post someone nominated me 1000 years ago (sorry, maengune). This one is the Unique Blogger Award where you need to answer 3 questions from the last person who nominated you.