12 Days of Deluscar – Day 10: Personalizing My Blog with Mascots

You know what I’m most proud of over my blogging achievements? No, not the fact that I have written some lengthy articles, not the fact that I have been able to keep this blog active for so long, and not the fact that I have (hopefully) build up a solid presence in the aniblogging world. It’s the fact that I have blog mascots.

Yes, mascots.

It’s fun to personalize your own personal space and I have always wanted to design my own original characters for the longest time ever. The ideas were in my head, faintly, but I just can’t draw for life. I always thought having mascots for my blog was just another one of my many pipe dreams.

One of my aniblogging friends though, got me into commissioning artworks. I learned how it all works when I went through the process with him to commission my first artwork ever. And since then, having original characters as mascots representing my blog is one of the few things I’m glad I could achieve for Deluscar.

I’m not gonna lie though. Commissioning isn’t easy — time and monetary-wise, and at some point, I reached a point where I just couldn’t continue anymore. But that’s exactly why I treasure the very few commissioned pieces I have so much. They are my blood, sweat and tears (…and money). My mascots are my crowning achievement.

And obviously, I have never regretted the fact that I have poured so much time, effort and money (hell, I bet the artists were having even more difficult times than me trying to satisfy my fussy needs). I’ve said it before, but mascots are great — they give your blog a sense of uniqueness and identity no other blogs will be able to replicate.

That’s exactly why designing original characters for mascots is something I would love more bloggers to try to do. Understandably, it isn’t easy nor cheap, but mascots help personalize your blog. They give your blog a more distinctive feel and personality, in a different way than buying your domain name could.

Outside of blogging, commissioning artworks is just fun especially if you have a lot of original characters in your head, but just don’t have the artistic talent to draw them — like me. I understand why commissioning isn’t something a lot of people sought, but I’m always willing to spread the love of commissioning artworks.

If anyone needs help where to start or want to know which artist I recommend or whatever, I’m here if you need to talk.

1. If you’re truly interested, I do have a guide of sort to commissioning that I have written before.
2. As my (possibly) last ever commission-related post, it’s time for some shameless plugs, I have profile pages for all 3 of my mascots where you can see most of the illustrations I have commissioned. But you can also check out my Deviantart.

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