My Rating System

From time to time, you can see me giving scores to certain anime, games or any other medias I reviewed. Here is how I rate mine. Usually, I divide a media into different subcategories. For example, for an anime, I will divide it into “Story”, “Character”, “Art”, “Animation” and “Sound.” All these subcategories will be graded with the following marking system:

  • S (highest mark)
  • A+
  • A
  • A-
  • B+
  • B
  • B-
  • C+
  • C
  • C-

and so on… until the lowest mark.

After I’m done, I’ll give an overall final score in numerical value: X/10. The final score will more or less follow MAL’s standard, with a bit of modifications:

  • 10 – Masterpiece
  • 8-9 – Great
  • 7 – Good
  • 5-6 – Average
  • 1-4 – Bad

Note that the final score is not related to the previous grade in any way. The final score is akin to my overall enjoyment level.

2 thoughts on “My Rating System

  1. IMO, I think if something’s Awesomely Bad, it deserves AT LEAST a 6, since it’ll be so entertaining laughing at how bad it is.

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