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Aside from my blog, you can follow me at these following sites too.

I occasionally do graphics, ranging from signatures to wallpapers. Though nowadays, I’m inclining more towards commissioning other artists for original artworks, which can also be seen in my profile.

Check my twitter out for the latest update on my blog. Of course, I tweet other things to, ranging from the latest videos I watched on youtube, latest figure I’m obsessed with, and some other random things.

Although on a lesser scale, I will be using this similarly to twitter.

Outside of DeviantArt, I have also posted all my mascot pictures I have commissioned here.

My Anime List
A full list of both anime and manga here, showing the ones which were completed, ones which were still pending and some (a lot) which I planned to watch. If you’re curious just what kind of anime and manga I had been up to recently, check this out.

Follow me here to see my list of completed visual novels. You can also check out my rating too, ranging from 1 (worst ever) to 10 (masterpiece).

My Video Game List
You can see a list of games I had played over the years. Visit here and check out the latest games I had been messing around with.

My Figure Collection
A place for me to show off (or at least tried to) my figures. My list here is still embarrassingly little but I hope my collection of figures will grow big enough soon.

P.S: Please note that I’m not very active on some of these (atm, I’m most active on Twitter). If you happen to add me and I seem to never accept your friend request, feel free to e-mail me about it.

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