Ran Kougetsu



Ran Kougetsu (紅月 蘭)

September 29

Background Info:
Ran has been exposed to anime and games since young, and has since became her favorite past time since childhood. She studies in a prestigious all-girls high school and is currently in her second year. She works part-time for Deluscar and helps organize the blog when I’m not around.

Height / Weight:
162cm / 46kg

3 size:
B84cm W56cm H85cm


– A closet-bi
– Calm and reserved, but not afraid to speak out her mind
– A sadist beneath the surface
– Loves trying out new things

– Watching anime/manga and playing games
– Playing visual novels as well. Her favorite is the Sono Hanabira series
– Reading all kinds of books
– Drinking tea
– Listening to classical music
– Likes gothic lolita costumes

– Cooking
– Playing the violin
– Multilingual


jaster-ranIllustrated by jastersin21


20130123_RanIllustrated by yrvg1995


Illustrated by ririna-olze


DivinusVento_zps632dc9d8Illustrated by Akashicchan


20130210_RanIllustrated by yrvg1995


ran_by_ecchi_pantsu-d5zbyzuIllustrated by ecchi-pantsu


Ran-Koutgetsu-commissionIllustrated by raveeoftitans


thigh_up_sketch__divinusvento_by_shouu_kun-d6f3wh5Illustrated by shouu-kun


Ran-violinIllustrated by futarinokizuna


rsz_1commision_divinusventoIllustrated by Kazenokaze


comm_divinusvento__ran_by_furihime-d6nzti2Illustrated by Furihime


commission___divinusvento_by_xephyr26-d6xs0fjIllustrated by Xephyr26


tumblr_n3jo4vJmPs1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by KooRiiko


ran_snookerIllustrated by Riki-to

More pictures here

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