12 Days of Deluscar – Day 11: Trivia

Here’s a fun post — I’m going to put here a list of trivia you may not know about my blog.

1. I owned multiple blogs

Because I can barely even keep Deluscar active, it’s easy to forget I actually own multiple blogs sometimes, and as you might have expected, all of them are deadmen wonderland. GraphicaKai was where I posted about my (shitty) GFX, mostly signatures. You may remember I used to be pretty active in anime forums, and forum signatures were huge back in the day. Anyway, next, The Art of Kaijutsu is where I wrote about martial arts, MMA and wrestling, few of my non-anime hobbies. I also have another blog where I originally wanted to write and post stories. Obviously didn’t pan out well, and after writing a rather embarrassing hentai scene, I have since ditched the blog and pretend it never existed. Lastly, I have a private blog where I only use it to test themes, format, looks, codes and various stuffs before applying them properly on my main blog.

2. My reasoning behind the name “Deluscar”

I shit on my own blog name throughout this 12 Days, but there’s actually a reasoning behind this seemingly random amalgamation of letters. As you know, I used to be pretty active in various anime forums — and that means having various names. From the right, “Scar” is from “Scarlet”, “Lu” is from “LunaWard” and “De” is from “DivinusVento” (changed “Di” to “De” to make the whole thing looks/sounds a little bit better) — all 3 are few among many names I used in various sites and forums. My mascot’s surname, “Kougetsu” (Crimson Moon), is also a play on both the words “Luna” (moon) and Scarlet (red).

3. More Mascots?

If there’s something I have an abundance of, it’s character ideas. I got a whole bunch of original characters in my head, but two of them I really wanted to commission were Li and Haruka. Well the names mean nothing now since I don’t think I will ever be able to get them done. Commissioning is tough and especially in my later life where financial issues kept creeping into every corner of my life, I just had to stop commissioning altogether. So yeah, I might as well reveal about them here and now. Haruka’s setting is that she is the president of the jazz music club in school and is the one who got Rin into jazz music. Li’s story is more aligned with Kyouko’s world than the others — a triad boss operating in Japan whom Kyouko often fought against. Godamnit, someone help me turn these into a story.

4. Typos I never realized I made

English’s not my first language. And while I know my writing can’t be compared to the lot of you, English is still a language I’m the most confident with as far as written languages go. Regardless, that still doesn’t stop me from making some dumb typos I thought was correct all this time. I mistyped “of course” as “of cause” for months (fuck, maybe even years) and didn’t know why I thought was correct until someone told me about it. Hell, because I was using the wrong spelling for so long, I bet you can google “deluscar of cause”, and find some of the posts I have yet to edit. I had also been misusing “altitude” as a word to describe a character’s feeling when it really should have been “attitude”. Engishishard.

5. Bonded over visual novels

For the most part, I’m quiet both in life and on the internet. You may not realize that since I can hide my quiet and reserved nature through the magic of words. And because of that, it’s easier to interact on the internet. I have been acquainted with a few people in the internet and over the years, have talk to them so much that I consider them very, very good friends of mine. No idea how they see me though, but I digress. One of them was someone I bonded over visual novels. This unique form of media was still new to him at the time, and he asked me about my recommendations. He then played a few of them, we talked about them further, and before I knew it, he ended up becoming one of my few very close friends on the internet. Hell, our blog comments are just the tip of an iceberg, and I still remember the day we had our lengthy conversations on facebook (something I no longer use, and obviously my account was closed down), e-mail and so on. So yes, this is a rather embarrassing, but uplifting story about how two guys bonded over porn games. (Jokes on us we still haven’t meet in real life though, oh and if you’re seeing this post — you know who you are, I love you bud)

6. Imperfections

This may not sound like much right now, but I’m new to blogging, and even now, I still feel like I’m learning new things. To put things into perspective — for the longest time ever, I didn’t know you can make your post function as one of your site pages as well. Hence why you sometimes weirdly see the same list (like my “Top Chinese Anime Characters”, for example) written twice in both a post and a page. (This also might be a good time to tell you guys to focus on the page version instead, since the page version is the one I frequently update). Also, while my blog theme has all image captions in cap locks by default, it took me almost 5 years (of procrastination) to finally figure out how to manually set them to lowercase with my legendary web design skills. There are a lot of things I never realize you can do until I’m already considered an “old man” by aniblogging standards. I mostly never bothered to edit my old stuff again, because come on, it’s like years of content. So sometimes, you might spot some of these “imperfections” on my blog.

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