12 Days of Deluscar – Epilogue

10 years.

I will be frank, I’m extremely weak-willed, and even when I do something, I usually quit with the speed of light. However, even if it’s just a simple hobby for me, even if I wasn’t able to earn any money from it, I think I can at least feel proud over this — over the fact that I have stuck on something for as lengthy as a decade. And ignoring all the stats; all the views, all the comments, all the followers — to a weak-willed me, that is one hell of an achievement.

You might have realized by now that I have this weird obsession with 5 (or multiples of 5s) and the reason why this 12 Days of Deluscar was even a thing was because my blog reached 10 years and I wanted to do something special for it. I always have this weird feeling of conclusion whenever something reaches a multiple of 5s, and even more so when it’s in the 10s. So yes, it feels even more conclusive now that I’ve reached 10 years as opposed to 5 years.

Indeed, I feel oddly at peace now that I got 10 years under my belt. The last quarter of my 10 years of blogging where I’m constantly writing the shittiest fillers possible trying to drag this blog’s sorry ass to my 10 year goal. All that fight, all that battles have finally come to a stop now.

That begets the question though, will I quit blogging now? Maybe, or maybe not. I’m still not sure to be honest, and right now I’m still relishing the fact that I’ve finally achieved my latest (and probably final) major goal of Deluscar. I’m sure in a few days, the dust and the cobwebs will clear, albeit slightly, and I can perhaps give a clearer answer by then.

For now though, I want to once again express my gratitude to everyone else who’s been supporting my blog. It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, and there’ve been too many bumps on the road; but your presence on my blog is a constant moral support, and is one significant reason why I’ve stuck with this as long as I had. This will (possibly) be my last “thank you” post so I can only pray my gratitude could get across.

In other, more positive news, it’s Christmas! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. I’m still relishing my decade-long journey and the more I write this post, the harder it is for me to find the words — so I’ll just stop here, and hopefully come up with an official announcement on where Deluscar will go from here soon.

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