Rin Kougetsu


Rin Kougetsu (紅月 凛)

May 3

Background Info:
Rin lives with her sister, Ran. She watches anime with her frequently although Rin is more of a gamer. She is a second year middle school student, and is a member of the Jazz Music club. She is the personal mascot for Deluscar.

Height / Weight:
150cm / 40kg

3 size:
B77cm W53cm H78cm


– Tomboyish
– Very passionate in the things she like
– Proud and dignified, yet very easily embarrassed
– Has a bit of a sister complex
– Also secretly a masochist

– Likes playing all kinds of video games
– Playing all kinds of sports, even including boyish sports like soccer and basketball
– Likes cats and raised several pet cats
– Listening to jazz music

– Playing the piano
– Extremely athletic



rinIllustrated by Rumi-Kuu


tumblr_mzr31kIwGJ1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by yrvg1995


rin2Illustrated by tsunyandere


rsz_tumblr_mzr37f0hvi1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Hyanna-Natsu


tumblr_mzr3bhbbrd1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by daikazoku63


tumblr_n25od4YXOs1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Riversei


tumblr_mzr3hoTruZ1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Pocolla


tumblr_mzr3mdKWyI1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Villyane


commission____rin_kougetsu_by_ayasal-d72bojwIllustrated by Ayasal


tumblr_n1mmflis351spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Kazenokaze


tumblr_n75h7cbuDW1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Futarinokizuna


tumblr_nc5922wq4D1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Shadow2810


tumblr_nvynwqEePn1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by Kazenokaze


tumblr_o33pwtGUfq1spayc4o1_1280Illustrated by AsakuraShinji

More pictures here

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