Where Will Deluscar Go From Here?

When I was done with my 12 Days last year, I asked the multi-million dollar question “Will I stop?” Or will I continue?” And I’ll be blunt — I’m still not sure.

I’ve mulled over it for quite a while and one thing’s for certain, I will keep this blog open just in case I get something to get off my chest. And I mean, if I truly, truly got something really special I want to say, otherwise, this blog will probably be on suspended animation most of the time. Having a personal platform to share my opinions is great, and I seriously don’t think I will be able to establish a new personal platform with the same success I had for Deluscar.

For the time and energy that I get to spare off on blogging, I’m going to use them to think about my life, because… let’s face it, my life’s not getting any better, and even now I still feel my future is as bleak as a black hole.

If you’re a follower of my blog, once again, I would like to thank you for all of your support for Deluscar, and I apologize for my blatant lack of effort and passion over the years. Just know that even if I’m not around here that much anymore, it’s not like I have disappeared into an isekai or anything (I wish though, lol). If you want to talk, I’m still busy browsing hentai artworks on twitter so I will definitely see your tweets there if you tag me. If not, the good ol’ email works too.

In any case, happy new year guys, I’ll see you soon.

Some things I want to say before I end this post:
1. Since 2012, I made a special list where I update it yearly with my Best Girl of choice for that particular year of anime. But as of now, I don’t think I will be updating it anymore, as I want to drop off everything that would force me to keep coming back. It will also give me the freedom of watching newer/backlog shows at my own leisure, and such freedom is godsend at this stage of my life.

2. On the subject of not wanting to have anything to chain me back to my own blog, I also won’t be posting any new year posts/updates/milestones/anniversaries. This new year post will be my last one.

3. Guest posts are still welcomed, always and forever more, if anyone in this wide, vast, empty galaxy is even interested (lol).

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4 thoughts on “Where Will Deluscar Go From Here?

  1. Happy New Years.

    I can understand how you feel and it takes time for the creative juices to come. Don’t feel obligated to do those milestone posts or have to create content regularl. This is probably why I don’t write posts almost every day and there are some shows I don’t cover, but still watch, especially since I have a full time job since early 2020. Sometimes, posts need to come to you and it may take a while. But I think you should keep the blog open if you have the urge to share something at your own leisure. Still, I don’t know how people who make several posts every day manage not to get writers block/burnout. Also, keep in touch with the anime blogging community once in a while.

    That reminds me, I still have to finalize the character design I want to use as the blog’s mascot/identity and figure out who to commission some artwork as I have no artistic abilities. I have been putting it off due to being busy with other things and the pandemic. I will probably ask you about it sometime in 2022 when I’m ready for some suggestions.

    • I actually like doing those milestone posts since they’re good “fillers”, but I can ditch them completely now since I no longer care about keeping my blog afloat, lol. To me, you’re still super, super active though, so much more than I can muster, lol. I’m still visiting your blog from time to time and I literally don’t know all the anime you’re watching. I just haven’t been keeping up. But yeah, my plan’s definitely to keep this blog open for now and come back if I can (miraculously) get that itch to write.

      About the commission, sure, I’m always up to help, lol.

  2. I am late into the party but Happy 10th year!! You are one of the few ones I know who stick-ed to it and actually made it to 10 years so don’t deprecate that feat at all. I know we’re all chilling in Twitter these days and am just happy that we all made it to 2022. I saw you being a man of culture these days – bec you made me google what Rance is about lol, and was thinking why you haven’t written about that one. I think we’re past the point of writing something though just bec we can.

    See you around!!

    • Thanks, man. Literally feels like a weight off my shoulder after I reached the goal, lol. About Rance, it’s actually a rather popular franchise, at least for us VN players, though I only started getting into the series recently. A lot of people got their start on it with Sengoku Rance, which was iirc the first translated Rance title from years ago. I can never get into it since the gameplay’s just not for me, and more so because it’s smack dab in the middle of the series and the characters literally had like 6 titles worth of histories before this and I can’t keep up with some of the world and character interactions.

      Other than a few simple reviews, not sure what to write about Rance, lol. Well, if I sit down and properly think about it, maybe I might come up with a few ideas. Just maybe. But eehh…

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