Blogroll Policy


My blogroll had grown extensively, to the point that right now, I need control. I apologize for the inconveniences but my blogroll is just too full at the moment. I originally wanted to stop link exchanges altogether but in the end, I decided to impose on control and restrictions instead. If you have your own blog and want to have your link under my blogroll, there will be certain requirements to meet. Please read my blogroll policy ahead:

1. The first one – the most important, and the most fundamental of all, is that I reserve the right to accept or reject any blog that is submitted for my blogroll.

2. I will not link to any download/advertising blogs.

3. Your blog must be anime/gaming related, or anything related to the Japanese visual culture.

4. Any blogs inactive for a long time will be removed. Though this still depends on the type of content.

5. My blogroll is subjected to change at any time – I may add a blog randomly out of nowhere, and I may remove some links too. After all, it is my blogroll.

Note: As of 12 March 2015, I decided to stop exchanging blogroll links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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