The Impact they had on Kai


Some weeks ago our friends on facebook started making top10 influential lists; it started with metal band albums and spread to video games to manga and anime. So we thought why not? Diary of an Anime Lived focused on anime that echo our real lives; ‘The impact they had on us’ seeks to pinpoint the anime or even manga titles that aren’t just a mirror of us or even our favorites but to highlight these stories that changed the way we viewed the world.
~by Foxy Lady Ayame

I was invited by Ayame of The Beautiful World to partake in this blog carnival of hers-The impact they had on us, in which we talk about some of our most influential anime/manga. In my list here, for some anime, I was influenced by the characters from said anime, allowing me to re-examine myself as an individual and the world. For some, they provide me with a new way to perceive the media, allowing me to be appreciative of another side of it I’m not familiar with.

Persona 4: I’m so gay for Narukami Yu


I never really appreciated Yu that much when I was playing Persona 4, because, well, there was nothing to appreciate. Just like the older Persona games, “Yu” (you can actually name him, but for the sake of this post, I will just continue referring him to “Yu”) is a silent protagonist; that means he never talks in the game, with a few exception when some dialogue choices are needed. Even then, he was never given a voice and even if he “talked”, the game narrated it as a third-person. In the anime adaption however, he was finally given both a “name” and a “voice”, and it allows me to really appreciate his characterization.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy – A Refreshing, Musical Rendition on a Tried Formula


The DS/3DS, to me, is a portable console which does not outright challenges it’s competitive peers with power or specs, but rather, it’s creativity. The innovative use of two screens had created a new form of gameplay, and even storytelling; I remembered some games like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, really utilized the DS’s dual screen function well, as a result, telling a more powerful and emotional story.

Because the DS family strives on creativity, most of the games to me, are “concept” games. And out of all these concept games, I had recently been obsessed with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. I got into the bandwagon slightly late. During the first Theatrhythm game, it wasn’t released in the eshop, and since I get all of my games digitally, I was only able to enter the Theatrhythm party during the recent America release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, it’s sequel.


Vocaloids are More Than just “Cute” – Analyzing the Lyrics of Vocaloid Songs


Any veteran fans of Vocaloid should know about this – Vocaloids are more than just being cute. I’m not sure if the mindset of non-fans is of the contrary, but this post, is one of the many posts, at least, let’s hope I can expand it THAT much, where I intend to show that Vocaloids are more than just simply having cute or pretty designs.

Design Philosophy of Figures – Why do panties have to be white?


If you are a figure collector, try to look under the skirt of one of your figures, perhaps a scale figure, or a figma. Do not worry, we are not trying to be perverted here, we are being analytical. Now, what do you see? White, I assume? A curtain of whiteness known as, well, panties. But still, it begets the question, why does it has to be white?