Rin Kougetsu – Introducing A New Mascot


This is something I had been working around in secrecy behind the stages of deluscar – a new mascot called Rin Kougetsu, Ran’s imouto who loves playing games and also have a few dark secrets.

I love contrasts, if it’s not already obvious, and I attempted to go for a contrasting design in Rin’s character as opposed to Ran’s. From their personalities to their preferred outfits (Ran usually prefers black/red outfits while Rin prefers white/blue) to their figures and statures. Although I still generally kept the same hair and eye colors to express their sibling relationships.

To know more about her, feel free to go to my newly created profile page for her, which also contains a few other illustrations I had been commissioning withheld in secret for awhile.

Visual Novels and Light Novels – Utilizing Their Own Medium Structures for Unique Storytelling


Each medium had their own unique ways in portraying their stories. One would portray via motions, colors and sounds. Others might portray through black and white pages. Because each medium tells their own respective stories in such different ways, I find certain plot and storytelling style seems to fit really well with certain medium, to the point that one would think it would be close to impossible to execute the same flair as the original’s on other media.

Namely, visual novels and light novels.

Shipping in Nagi no Asukara


Note: This post contains spoilers.

Nagi no Asukara has a huge cast. Since romance is one of the main aspect that the show covers, that means the anime features elements like a “love nonagon” – far more chaotic than any other love triangle you may came across before.

However, this large character cast where everyone is interconnected with each other through love really reinforces the ability to ship. Shipping, as we know, comes from relationship, and it involves us putting two characters in an intimate relationships with each other. One can show their support in shipping the main, canon couples, or to ship pairings which ultimately did not happen in the anime. So in an anime like NagiAsu with such capability, which pairings do I ship?

Log Horizon – Glasses and It’s Ability in Masking Personalities

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon - 24 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.26_[2014.03.23_20.06.30]

Ever seen those characters with shiny glasses? Akin to those characters with long bangs, covering the eyes, these are the type of characters where one had to be cautious of, as one wouldn’t know what he or she could be planning beneath the glasses, with their eyes concealed by the glasses’ shiny lens. Eyes are indeed one of the most expressive parts of the human body, and concealing them with bangs or glasses decreased these clear expressions, and turned up the notch when it comes to creepiness, especially so when paired up with a creepy crescent smile.


Colloquium between a Kai and a Frog – Eroticism and Romance in Kuroko no Basuke

The Passion!

The Passion!

We will have a more unique post today – a collaboration between me and fellow blogger, Froggy-kun of Fantastic Memes, discussing about a particular aspect of Kuroko no Basuke.

Kai’s Discussion with Silvachief and Lazarinth on the Many Wonders of Muv-luv


If you haven’t already noticed, I recently just had a massive Muv-luv discussion with fellow bloggers, Lazarinth of Fantasy and Anime, and Silvachief of The Geek Clinic, which spawned two posts. Lazarinth hosted both of them at his blog, so do check them out if you’re interested. Be warned for spoilers though.

Part 1 | Part 2