Five Flaming Hotties

I was tagged by MedievalOtaku for the Five Flaming Hotties. While making this list, I notice the thing that ties most, if not all of these characters is “passion” (and lots of red too). Because come on, nothing speaks “flaming” more than the word “passion”. I suppose you can alternatively treat this list as “Top 5 Passionate Characters” or something.

Anyway, enjoy the list, in no particular order:

1. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

This is called Flaming Hotties, and you really can’t not mention “flaming” without Shana, otherwise known as Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter — she just seems like the epitome of flaming hotties. I mean, I’m not sure what else to say here, even the character design (her Flame Haze mode, especially) speaks for itself — red hair, red eyes and she’s sure as hell fiery, sometimes literally, even! Also, she’s the character responsible for getting me into an already now decade long affection with the tsundere archetype, so I will always have a soft spot for Shana.

2. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza is one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail but sheltering an emotional baggage within. Erza Scarlet is a character of duality, cool and reserved on the outside but emotional on the inside — the kind of characterizations I’m particularly fond of. A paragon of beauty and strength, Erza Scarlet inspires a feeling of awe, might and kindness befitting a cheesy shounen like Fairy Tail perfectly.

3. Nero Claudius (Fate/Extra)

It won’t even be an exaggeration to say that Nero is not only my favorite Saber, not only my favorite Servant in Fate/Extra, but my favorite Servant in the entire Fate/Stay Night universe. Nasu’s idea of uniting the character traits of Gilgamesh’s pride and Artoria’s compassion has proven to be highly successful, resulting in a character who possesses the best of both worlds. Nero Claudius enriches the Fate universe with her childish innocence, haughtiness and passion. Also, smug Nero is good.


4. Kurebayashi Juri (Aikatsu)

When Juri graced the screen on the third season of Aikatsu, she easily becomes one of my favorite idols of the show. After all, it’s hard not to like her, especially with her charismatic presence and sincere zest. With her love for theatrics, Juri is a character that captures my heart through her dramatic poses, unflinching confidence and undying passion. The fact that she happens to have one of the best songs in the show certainly helps too.

5. Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night)

Ah, there she is. To me, the waifu among waifus. If Shana is the one that got me into the tsundere bandwagon, then Rin is the one that truly pulled me into the deepest depth of this rabbit hole. I’m not complaining though. Nothing more to add here as I’m just going to link this here. Rin is brilliance, Rin is perfection; Rin is love, Rin is life.

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4 thoughts on “Five Flaming Hotties

  1. Nice picks. Looks like we have similar tastes. Shana made it into my recent harem post and Rin was mentioned in my own Five Flaming Hotties.

    • Nobody tagged me for the harem one, and if someone does, I’m really not sure who to pick, lol. In every favorite female character lists or any of the equivalents, I’m almost always picking the same ones. If I don’t have any reservation about repeating the same characters, Shana and Rin will definitely be in the harem list as well.

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