Optimism in Book Girl

Book Girl is a whirlwind of human emotions.

Book Girl exposes the depth of humanity’s darkness, a seabed of perpetual negativity; the story faces people’s haunted pasts and grim secrets head on. It exposes a side of people that aren’t normally shown, a side that is bleak and dreary, full of conflicts, hostility and even self-destruction — a story of myriad atrocities.

But despite that, Book Girl also tells a story of hope. No matter how bad things have regressed, there’s always a brighter tomorrow. There may be no such things as eternal happiness, but the light will shine down on this pitch-black tunnel. With just a little bit of change in perspective, everything can appears that much more radiant.

Indeed, eternal happiness is impossible. But that’s exactly why the sparse moments of happiness are all the more precious.

Book Girl is a story that inspires to learn about people, to face their secrets and to have an optimistic perspective even if what you learned aren’t exactly all fun and games. Book Girl inspires to accept people; good and bad, ideal or flawed, and to know them for who they truly are.

But more than anything, Book Girl teaches that one person’s world isn’t everything. It shows you of the infinite possibilities of the endless blue skies, just like the happy story “Like the Open Sky” by Miu Innoue, just like Tohko’s rosy imaginations.

Sometimes, salvation can be just as simple as a slight shift in mindset. Sad truths and cold realities can be transformed into their happy counterparts, even if the occasion is as rare as a speck of dust. But the possibility is there, and Book Girl’s optimistic story is the perfect embodiment of such potential.

Indeed, Book Girl is a whirlwind of human emotions, a tsunami of intensity of the human soul. But Book Girl understands that no matter how catastrophic the disasters, time will heal all as long as you don’t give up. The winds will subside, the flooding will recede and most of all, the sun will shine once more.

So eat your books like a certain book girl, and let us keep on keeping on in this cruel world of ours. After all, happiness will be somewhere you least expect it to be.

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