Accel World – Kuroyukihime Figma (School Avatar Ver) by Max Factory


Age: 15 years old
Birthday: September 30
Class: Year 3 Middle School
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 48 kg

The main female protagonist and leader of the Nega Nebulus legion, her real name is unknown. Her pseudonym is Japanese word play with Snow White. Beautiful and popular, she is also the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. She has been a Burst Linker since she was eight years old.

While the quality of Accel World is questionable at best, there’s no doubt that the anime has quite excellent designs, with Kuroyukihime’s topping most of them in that regard. Of cause, it doesn’t take long for me to buy this figma when she’s out, I originally planned to buy the nendoroid version but changed my mind at the very last minute.




Standard figma package. Interestingly enough, as you can see from the front view, the main body is actually packed to the right instead of how the usual figma packed their body at the center. This is probably due to the massive sizes of some of the accessories and parts, but I’ll go onto that later. Just a quick rundown, she consists of a body, two faces, a few arms and some major accessories like a closed umbrella, an open umbrella and a huge pair of butterfly wings. Of cause, Haru in his pig avatar appears in all his glory.


For a figma, she looks especially flashy, not something a typical figma would come with. Of cause, such flashiness comes with a price, literally. This figma cost much more then what most ordinary figma figures priced at, her price is comparable to the Ultimate Madoka figma and the Aegis from P4 Arena figma. As you can see from all these figma, what they have that ordinary figma don’t are the details, high-quality and flashy accessories and parts, and improved versatility. Kuroyukihime figma fits into such high-quality category. I would had prefer if they somehow manage to make the joints on the tarso and shoulder areas less obvious, though that perhaps might be impossible.


The details on the sculpture is great, to the point that it’s hard to tell that this is actually a figma, when seen from computer screen, she even looks like a scale figure. I believe they captured Kuroyukihime quite perfectly, from the butterflies on the skirt and to her antenna and so on. The most attractive parts are probably her grandiose long skirt and her butterfly wings, both in explicit detail! The wrinkles on the skirt and umbrella highlighted several realism points too.


Of cause, the figure has quite a number of problems, at least in my own opinion. At first glance, she may looks like quite a beautiful wonder to behold, but upon further scrutinizing, she isn’t as perfect. One problem is ironically her own parts and accessories. The skirt for example, is massive, while I’m okay with that if they managed to work around with the size, but it’s incredibly bulky as well. When holding the figure, I always got a nagging feeling that she is wrapping her waist with some kind of super thick towel. It was quite a difficult feat to actually place her on the figma stand properly, since the normal figma stands are quite normal. Ironically, because of the skirt’s extreme bulkiness, it’s so sturdy that the skirt can help the figure stand upright properly without the figure stand, as you can see from most of my pics since I didn’t use them.

Another big problem is the poor designs of sockets and pegs. Using the above few pictures as an example, as you can see, she is holding an umbrella down and the “amazing” thing is, she’s doing it without any pegs, sockets or magnets. I had no idea how other people was able to do this without the umbrella falling down, or perhaps I did something wrong, but it was close to impossible to hold the umbrella in place, at best, I could just hold the umbrella down and try to lean the umbrella sideways a bit so that it will lean against one of Kuroyukihime’s fingers.



Similar problems with the above poses too, she’s holding onto “Haru Pig” (for easier reference, I’ll just say “pig” from now onwards) without the use of pegs, sockets nor magnets. Though it wasn’t as difficult as the umbrella though. Speaking of which, here’s some more pics of the pig.


Whose panties is that?

Whose panties is that?

The pig actually comes with a stand of his own, but I missed it when I was photographing, so I ended up using another figma stand to do the job.

Back to Kuroyukihime, did I mention the skirt is cast-off?



I think you could swap her panties too, but I had no idea how to aside from dismantling her legs, which is a stunt I don’t dare to pull off.




Posing with the open umbrella is also incredibly hard too. Likewise with the skirt, the problem lies with it’s extreme size, and also it’s weight. It’s quite hard to balance it accordingly to the weaker arm parts, I would prefer it if they could somehow lessen down the weight for it.


Overall, I think this is a pretty good, high-detailed figma which is certainly a price-worthy purchase if you aren’t able to buy the static figure, as it is just a little bit more expensive then normal figma, still doesn’t even come close to prices of scale figures. However, keep in mind that she does comes with a fair share of problems.

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8 thoughts on “Accel World – Kuroyukihime Figma (School Avatar Ver) by Max Factory

  1. It’s always great to have a figure come with all of these accessories, but sometimes the price just shoot up like crazy because of that. I do love how they included Haru’s avatar with Kuroyukihime.

    • That’s indeed why this figma’s more expensive then most typical figma, though I’m not sure it actually help the figure. Why she does look fancy, the design of pegs/sockets/magnets aren’t just good enough to accommodate all these accessories.

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