12 Days of Waifus – Day 1: Maki (Love Live!)


Ever since the first season of Love Live was aired, Maki had been overwhelming my twitter timeline, and I assume it’s the same for others as well. Almost every day, I will be able to see a mention of Maki’s name or pictures without fail-she even has her own hashtags, multiple ones at that!


Maki’s legion of admirers is understandable. As for me, I had always like tsunderes, and because of that, Maki becomes a Best Girl material for me at first glance. Despite being in a nearly all-girl cast show, Maki has all the makings of a traditional tsundere. She has two sides of her personality-cold and withdrawn in one side, and the other side seeks to express her enjoyment and companionship from her friends, even if she doesn’t quite show it.

[FFF] Love Live! - 04 [DBAFAD43].mkv_snapshot_10.41_[2015.01.09_03.23.02]

Unlike typical tsunderes however, there is also a sort of “cool factor” when we look at Maki. I mean, isn’t she? The way she carries herself, it just seems to make her look more mature than her peers, despite her age. The way she hold a teacup, and the way she crosses her legs habitually… I assume this is due to her upbringing from a wealthy family. Because of that, she is also a sort of kuudere. Furthermore, she likes jazz music-a genre of music which is also one of my favorites. Incidentally, kuudere is also another character archetype which falls along my radar of favorites as well, and seeing how Maki is like a mix of both tsundere and kuudere attributes in one character-best damn thing ever.

[FFF] Love Live! - 10 [6FE4919C].mkv_snapshot_09.36_[2015.01.09_03.15.11]

Nico trying to be half as smexy.Nico please

While Love Live has a very lovely and likable character cast, Maki immediately takes the cake if I’m looking for an absolute favorite out of the cast. She also seems generally well-liked within the fandom too, which goes on to show just how awesome she is.


Believe in the tsundere.

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16 thoughts on “12 Days of Waifus – Day 1: Maki (Love Live!)

  1. Maki’s definitely Best Girl material but she’s not in my top three for Love Live. I’d have to go with Eli, Nozomi or Umi (in no particular order).

    It seems NicoxMaki has a pretty big following though!

    • Hey those are fine choices too :p

      As for NicoxMaki, it’s interesting too because I really have no idea how it all begins. I’m thinking the ship really begun prior to the anime. S1 barely showed any hints and it’s really only S2 where the hints are more obvious. I think one of the reason it’s so popular is that their dynamics just play well with each other :p

  2. Maki is damn cute.

    Also, it’s neat how you mention she’s a bit of a kuudere, too. I guess that’s what draws me to her. I’m not a big fan of the tsundere archetype, but cool, quiet, shy characters with occasional emotional peaks are certainly up there for me. Just like Umi. (^w^)

    • TIL you like kuudere. That would give me something to think about when I send you random pics in ask.fm :p Also, I had been meaning to ask, what do you think of Eli? She has a really similar role with Umi in the group.

      • I have only seen the first season, so my opinions regarding the anime are limited to that. To be honest, I found her rather tame, or a bit too restrained rather, in the anime. Like, she was holding back from showing what she could do and all. Oh well, I should just watch the rest of the anime to satisfy my Eli needs. xD

        Thanks to her songs and the NozoEli doujinshis I read, I think highly of Eli now. She’s actually my 3rd/4th favorite (really tough competition with Honoka). Umi is first and Maki is second. Then Rin is my 5th favorite. The others’ ranking don’t matter much to me, but I like them all. :D

        • Oh yeah, I forgot Eli joined the group very late in season 1. Now that when I think about it, I would have chosen Eli over Umi :\ Eli seems exactly like what a developed Umi would look like :p

          That is a good list *thumbs up*

          • Welp. Eli is /older/ than Umi, to be fair. But I love Umi the way she is now^^ Oh well, there’s no point arguing who is better than who. But this post has done a good deal of helping me understand my aidoru taste. So thanks for that.

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