10 Year Anniversary

…jeez louise.

Year after year, I kept ranting about how I don’t blog as much anymore, how I don’t have any ideas; one way or the other, I still managed to last though! Before I knew it, it’s already my 10 year anniversary.

I’m sure you know my obsessions with 5s, and now that I’ve reached the 10th year, I’m going to do something special again… not now though. Well, I suppose I can just reveal my plans here. This year’s 12 Days will be exclusively about my blog — I will be talking about my blogging experiences, recollection, retrospection, stats and so on.

As such, I’m just going to stop here and save all the content for 12 Days. Before I end this post though, I just want to express my gratitude. A big thank you for all my commenters, followers, subscribers, lurkers and anyone else who’s been supporting my blog in some shape or form. I’ve learned a lot, and having people who’s been with me throughout this decade-long journey has made it all a worthwhile endeavor.

So if you’ve been with me until now, and still will — I’ll see you guys again in December with my 12 Days of Deluscar.

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11 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary

  1. Amazing success, thanks for not abandoning us, we are looking forward to what you have prepared for us in the future.

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