Velvet Kiss Review

Velvet Kiss is certainly a rare find in a sea of various H-manga lying around. It is a hentai with plot, which depicts the tragedies of work, wealth, deception and conspiracies.

The manga follows Nitta Shin, a typical Japanese salaryman, who somehow got himself tricked into a loan of 80 million yen in total. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, he was given an alternative way of settling his debt, by befriending a certain woman named Kikuchiya Kanoko.

From then on, Nitta’s life starts to turn into a roller coaster ride. While battling against wave of conspirators, Nitta had to struggle against his work schedules, and to keep up with Kanoko’s unreasonable demands at the same time. Nitta is also literally used as a “sex toy” plainly for Kanoko’s relief and pleasure. Likewise, while being forced to service Kanoko, Nitta pretty much used her as a source of sexual frustration.

Nitta is actually a gentle and caring person. It’s hard to see that side of him since so many incidents happening to him all at the same time, but it’s proof that he was able to win’s Kanoko’s affection. Kanoko herself is a realistically weak person, and has no friends as well. She always turn towards her group of “orgy friends” whenever the chance arises. The pair’s relationship is shabby and unstable at best.

However, as Nitta’s chaotic life continues on, he starts to understand more of Kanoko, especially in regards to her and her stepmother. This is the turning point of the manga where Nitta starts to see Kanoko more as a “true friend” rather then befriending her just for the loan. Kanoko even develops feelings for him, and sees him more then just a simple “sex toy”. Before the said turning point, the manga’s storytelling may be a bit draggy, but it’s not a major flaw anyhow.

The H-scenes in Velvet Kiss are surprisingly not displeasing to look at, unlike various other more hardcore H-manga. Actually, putting aside the H scenes, the art in general is top-notch. Harumi Chihiro’s drawings are very good to look at, featuring soft illustrations and detailed character designs. The girls, especially Kanoko, is a fashionsista, and wears different kind of pricy and fashionable clothes all the time too, so I’m sure Yi would love it, wait, it’s not yuri so I’m not sure anymore..

Overall, even though Velvet Kiss ended on an unsatisfying note, it had been a fine read. Throughout the 32 chapters, the manga had been awesome in presenting us the conspiracy plotlines, the pitiable selfish characters and the darkness of us humans, which are quick to succumb to things like lust or wealth. The dialogue scripts are great and easily pull in any newcomers of the manga.

I don’t normally read H manga, but Velvet Kiss is certainly an exception to that formula. I was easily attracted by Velvet Kiss’s strong plots, to the point that I’m reading the manga not for the sex but for the story, though the sex scenes are quite a sight to see too. I would definitely recommend this to those who are still new to H-manga. Don’t let the kids read them though..

Story: A
Character: B
Artwork: S

Final Score

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26 thoughts on “Velvet Kiss Review

  1. You’ve signed me up Kai ;D Great review, gonna try and sneak in a few chapters here and there when my brothers aren’t around hehehehehe…. >;P

  2. This looks like an interesting series. I’m not usually into this stuff, aside from the more adult scenes in yuri manga, but I might have to take a look at some point. Though like Tofu said, it’ll have to be when nobody is around.

    • Yuri scenes are always nice to look at indeed :D Glad to see you both like it, it’s actually my first time doing a hentai manga review.. lol.

  3. What a coincidence. I just finished this the day before.

    Great manga, left me in angst for a little while.

    P.S. I don’t think this is supposed to categorized as a h-manga since this one focuses so much on characterization. There’s a tag called “borderline-h” for these kind of stories.

    • You’re right, I rarely watch/read anything that has to do with H so I completely forgot about it. I did describe it as a “hentai with plot”, if that amounts to anything..

      Sorry about it btw, your comments always ended up in spam section, lol.

      • Maybe because I dragged on our conversation at for far too long? Haha.

        Ah, speaking of that, I got working with the chinese translation. Apparently you need chinese locale to use the chinese patch, applocale is sufficient. I felt so dumb I feel like slapping myself. Now, I got, and to work.

        You should definitely try it. There’s no virus or malware as far as I’m concerned. I used to avoid chinese patches like the plague too but DAMN, look at all those sweet titles they had. And after lurking those chinese forums for a while, I found them to be pretty easy to hang out with. I just had to get used to some of the technical terms they used.

        Here’s a chinese-american woman who uses chinese patches for her eroge –

      • That shouldn’t had been possible, though I’m still not quite sure what’s the exact issue is..

        LOL, I guess that’s a pretty obvious step to be missed out ;p Ahhh Eden! I remember I was still waiting for the English translation years ago.. well, still waiting now.. lol.

        Ahhh cool, I will try them out soon, but for now, I wanna concentrate on a few more mainstream English translated visual novels first ^^” I got some in mind which I haven’t try yet, Narcissus, Phantom Inferno, -What a Beautiful People-, and the likes to name a few. What about you? have you finish ef, Ever17, Saya no Uta, Sharin no Kuni, etc..? D:

        Ohh, I visited her blog from time to time too^^

        • I’m somewhat ashamed to say I’ve been putting most of my time on anime lately thus neglecting my vn backlog.

          Phantom of Inferno uses the much dreaded DVD system, though I haven’t test one yet in fear of its infamy. There is an anime adaption, which from what I’ve heard, is actually quite good. It’s in my HDD backlog. =D

          Inganock and I had an odd relationship. I was honestly very bored until the middle of the game, where it finally managed to suck me in. The story is episodic and the repetitive segments got on my nerves.

          At the end though, I can’t bring myself to hate it. I suppose it’s mainly because it’s fairly obvious there’s a considerable amount of effort being put into it. The atmosphere is brilliant, the music excellent, the artwork gorgeous. Even the “copy-&-paste” texts is the author’s intent as well. The whole novel resembled a poetry. Needless to say, the english translation ruined most of that and in turn made it into a prose, Tinfoil’s words – Unlike most, I liked the open ending too.

          Narcissu, however is amazing. It stands out from the pile of mountains of VNs in that it doesn’t feature winnable heroines, epic setting or hot-blooded battles. It’s simple and bleak and it brought out so many emotions within me I was having a hard time containing myself. Despite the utsuge tag, I find it to be rather hopeful. Oh, be sure to read the author’s notes though.

        • I had been doing that too, thus I haven’t been playing anything as of late, with more upcoming PC games I want to play, for sure visual novels will be a more lesser hobby for now.

          I played Moon through the DVD system too, I don’t remember how I got it to work, but I do remember having some problems with it. I always go for the original material if possible :D

          Repeative segments eh? I think I’ll ahve to try it personally to have a feel first, which… won’t happen for a long while. Ooh, if the whole script is in poetry, then it’s going to be hard to translate it with the same effect, I will still try it soon anyway.

          Yes, just from reading the syposis, I can already see a lot of awesome heart-wrencing moments. I didn’t know you played some of the visual novels my backlog already.. Cool :D

          • Moon’s on my wishlist. I heard it’s pretty dark with all the torture sex and stuff.

            Yeah, don’t get cold feet because of my rambling. A lot of times I find myself unable to enjoy a anime or eroge because some dude’s review full of his own personal opinion and bias got seared into my brain. I’ll take moderation into account in the future. =P

            From what I gathered stalkin-AHEM checking out your VNDB profile, you definitely played more than me. Though you should definitely put Muv-Luv Alternative in your wishlist. Do it Do it NAO blurrfff

          • You like sex + tortures? ;p

            Well I do agree with your point though, the poetry like scripts will for sure lose it’s magic in the translated version, not much I can complain though, since I can’t read Japanese, better then using AGTH I guess..

            I haz stalker! o.O Sure I’ll do it.. AFTER I’m done with some of my anime backlogs ;p

            • “You like sex + tortures?”

              Hell I don’t!!! Stop misundertanding, you loli raeper!

              P.S. I just finished Aeka’s route in Yume Miru Kusuri. Holy Molly… I have no words.

            • Damn, I thought I’m not the only one.. wait no.. D:

              And lol, I finished nothing.. D: Aside from my latest, Kamidori. Though I’m still getting to the other routes for that too.

              • Ah, VNs with gameplay… I haven’t touch Kamidori yet because I’m still struggling with Eien no Aselia. Seriously, my playtime’s over 60 hours and not even one route is completed.

            • VNs with gameplay usually eat up a lot of time. I haven’t even been able to finish Sengoku Rance, and I barely just finished one route of Kamidori, which is already 100 hours total. Probably almost reaching 400 hours to complete it 100%

              • I just wish the gameplay segments of Eien no Aselia end quickly whenever I run into them so that I can get back to my moe~moe~ heroines. >:)

                Unfortunately, the gameplay makes up more of the VN than I expected. To top it all off, the gameplay can be difficult at times and the heroines can die pretty easily. Well, story continues if it’s a sub-heroine. However, we all know that’s unforgivable. >:)

                So, all that micro-management to ensure everyone survives really takes a toll on me. D’:

              • The gameplay are fun too :D The only issue I had with them is they just need too much time to play.

                Yes for sure :D Lol, this reminds me of my Sengoku Rance predicament. When I played that game, I just can’t follow the guide’s method completely, if I want to do this at the point the guide did, I don’t have access to, and sometimes, the items used to increase the heroine’s affection doesn’t increase as much as I expected. Sub-heroines have their own routes too? o.O

                Lol in kamidori, all the girls and heroines are more stronger and badass then the lead protagaonist :D

                • Yeah, for some unknown reason oblivious to me, the guides for games I play are not accurate either.

                  No no, the sub-heroines in Eien no Aselia don’t have their own routes. That doesn’t make them disposable, does it? We all know 2D bishoujos are to be protected at all costs!!

                  One thing that’s keeping me from jumping straight into Kamidori is because the the story is crap and the protagonist will basically screw anything with a hole, from what I heard.

    • Yea, but good thing I didn’t face such issues with Kamidori.

      Dat true :D

      In regards to the bad story, I agree. I didn’t play the routes with even worse stories but even when playing the canon ones, it didn’t feel really that awesome. People like Kamidori just because of their addictive gameplay. About that screw anything with a hole thing, it’s sad but I had to admit it’s true. Wil had basically just screwed the virginity of not just humans but every damn races and creatures to ever exist. He’s like that dude from Sengoku Rance :D

      Btw, please click the more upper reply button if our chats are getting long. The text is too squished so sometimes it’s hard for me to read, especially with my small ass netbook ;x

      • Yeah, Eushully has bad writers and is only recognized for their SRPG gameplay. As for the h-scenes, it’s even worse in their other games with all the rape and tentacles and stuff. Those who played them was pretty surprised Kamidori featured mostly happy-sex.

        I’m still refraining from playing Sengoku Rance because the protag’s a dude who starts wars just to rape princesses who all ends up loving it, despite all the applause it’s receiving.

        And regarding the convoluted comments, sorry about being too much of a baka to figure out beforehand what you suggested, as I was quite concerned about it as well. It’s like tetris.

        • Ahh I heard about it. Kamidori’s sadly the first Eushully game I played, so I dunno about the rest.

          That’s what Rance had been doing since day one, he fucks and fights, capture the hearts of some random heroines, then fucks and fights some more and fucks and fight some more~

          And it’s no problem^^

  4. The art is so nice, even if its hentai man i loved it.
    I was really into it in the first 15 chapters until I thought it was kinda dragging. but I guess the artwork and the girl made me go though it, the story itself wasnt particularly good.

    • Yes it’s draggy, but the pacing moves faster towards the end. I do think the story is pretty good though, it highlights the dark atmosphere; especially the manipulations and conspiracies exceptionally well.

  5. I’ve just recently read the manga and I have to say … I hated it
    Plot: Completely unrealistic
    Characters: The main leads have no morals when it comes to sex. Kanoko is basically a slut and the main guy doesn’t even think twice about screwing
    The characters were the biggest turn off for me. I just can’t bring myself to relate to the characters promiscuous behaviors

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