12 Days of Christmas: A Deceptive Xmas – Day VI


On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
6 witty lies
5 fun choir members
4 gigabytes of data
3 lovely flowers
2 sides of consciousness
And a wish-granting rock.

Aforementioned, I had been reading quite a lot of manga this year, and another one of them I really like, is Liar Game.


“Liar Game”, a game created by an organization of sort, which forces participants to deceive the opponents out of their money, and losing amounts to amassing massive debt. Using lies, wits, deception, the participants use any means necessary to win, and to survive, lying to even their closest acquaintances to gain a few hundred million yen. The more major ones even wager in the billions or trillions, such is the weight of Liar Game.

The manga explores the darkest parts of a human’s heart; greed, lust, deception and selfishness. Of cause, humans with very weak self-control will blindly take the chance of earning few hundred million, only to backfire with debts twice, or even thrice as much. There was however, a girl with pure honesty, who got invited to join the game, and being the honest girl she is, her money almost instantly got taken and was on the brink of losing, that was when she begged for help from the genius swindler, Akiyama Shinchi, who only just got out from jail.


Liar Game is quite a psychological manga at it’s core, even the main character is a major in psychology! I’m sure one could even learn a few lessons from it, one quote I really like from the manga, is from Akiyama Shinchi: “Doubt people. Question them. Suspect them, and take a good, long look into their hearts.” It tells us that it is okay to be cynical and distrust people, scrutinize them. Doing so allows one to understand them and act accordingly, avoiding any needless strife in the process. It is inspiring, and is something I wanted to do more in real life.

Of cause, aside from all the psychological morals, Liar Game is exciting because of the “games” itself. With each different kinds of rules for each games, organized by the mysterious corporation, it forces participants to not just understand the rules, but to make use of it to your advantage. It always forces the players to go to psychological extremes, conjuring up new ways to mess up their opponent’s pace. Even a small single action like flipping a coin can have extremely heavy consequences. The thrills and suspense of these games is the other highlight of Liar Game.


Liar Game is sure to grasp the attention of readers far and wide. Although understanding of the game rules can be slightly difficult, watching how the characters make good use of or even bend those rules to their advantage is a sight to see, once you could comprehend the fundamental game rules.

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