To-LOVE-ru Darkness – Konjiki no Yami (Swimsuit ver) by Alphamax

Height: 153 cm
Weight: 45 kg
3-sizes: 75-52-77 cm

English name: Golden Darkness
A dispassionate, withdrawn assassin, Golden Darkness is hired by one of Lala’s arranged suitors, Lacospo to kill Rito, until she breaks the contract, noting the true nature behind her target. Golden Darkness is currently staying on Earth, roaming around the city streets and Sainan High, with a motivation to continue her duty to assassinate Rito, although she has yet to accomplish this (hinting she only said this as an excuse to stay on Earth, which is then confirmed). Commonly referred as “Yami-chan”, she spends her time reading books and magazines, while eating taiyaki (it is the only thing she eats on Earth since it is the first food offered by Rito, prior to spending a night at the Yuuki residence for a sukiyaki dinner). By her planet’s calculations, she is 24 thousand years-old (as shown in season 1 where the job applicant stops Konjiki no Yami just before she was about to say ‘thousand’), despite having the appearance of an 11-year-old (albeit a rather mature one), although this is only mentioned in the anime and has a weakness towards anything slimy.

Like Lala, Golden Darkness’ physical abilities are exponentially stronger than a human’s. She carries a unique ability to turn her body parts into various objects through use of nano machines circulating her body, ranging from swords to dragon heads. Unfortunately, excessive use becomes a hazard to her health. She states she hates “ecchi” people, and does not hesitate to assault a person who looks at her in an obscene way, even if it’s her own fault like when she was using her abilities to increase her bust she attacks Rito when he saw her, mostly out of embarrassment or for many occasions standing at the top of something such as stairs where her panties could be seen by accident. She has also stated, that she doesn’t understand if she can feel love and all its wonders, though she slowly becomes closer to Rito once seeing that he is a good person.

I found out this figure since sometime ago through amiami’s popular item ranking, and only had some free time to unbox her recently. Despite To-Love-ru’s questionable quality, I will always be a fan and supporter of Yami. I haven’t yet watch To Love-ru Darkness however, though I did read the very first few chapters of the manga. Incidentally, I’m also a fan of Eve, a character from another manga by Kentaro Yabuki called Black Cat – the original character whose Yami’s design is based on. So I thought, “Ehh.. why not?” Besides, she looks really fappable, and there goes another big portion of my monies…




As her scale is at 1/7 with a 20+cm height, to accommodate the figure, the box is really tall, although not more wider than is necessary, meaning that her stand isn’t overwhelmingly big. The box uses a yellow color theme to match Yami’s character design. She only has one accessory – a book.



Following the original design, the figure she dons on a two-piece black bikini – string bikini bottoms and bra with a front cross hook. One thing that differs from the original design, as far as I know, is the black upper arm bracelet on her left arm/shoulder, although the addition looks good.

Her nice flowing hair on the back adds a lot of dynamics to the figure. The detailed layering on her hair is pretty well done. Additionally, her head can be detached, to fit in the book to her left hand more easier. Awkwardly, her head doesn’t seem like it just fit into one spot, and can titled a bit – having a slightly slanted position or just straight. Aside from her hair, she also has a pretty nice backside, although hard to see with her long hair, you will have to once again, detach her head to look at it.

I don’t see any major paintjob issues, and the shading’s really top-notch. You can clearly see some areas of her skin having a more stronger tone with some areas having a lighter tone, giving her a more solid, well-defined look. Both her bikini top and bikini bottoms also look very glittery, giving a leathery feel.


Her cheeks also has a slight blush, another great finishing touch.


She has a really curvaceous body, despite being depicted as a loli generally, and her modest chest is lovely. Also as you can see, the way the figure is sculpted makes her look really realistic, especially the way her arms are sculptured and her collarbone.


The realism spreads all the way to her legs, as you can see from the realistic sculpture of her kneecaps, the shapes of her thighs and so on.


While I generally prefers a simple stand, the design of the above stand isn’t particular displeasing to look at, featuring black and red colors, two of my favorite colors, I can make do without the flower patterns though. Also, the stand has two pegs to fit into the sockets’ from Yami’s foot. The sole of Yami’s foot has two sockets to fit into the pegs, although I find a bit of difficulty to fit into them. I actually used a lot of strength just to do that, although it seems you need to tilt the figure a bit first to fit into the front socket, then tilt it back straight to fit into the bigger, back socket. At least, that’s how I did mine. If this figure really does require some sort of special positioning, I could use some guides on the manual. The manual only provides details on how to put up the book, which is, well, useful too, since there are no pegs nor sockets for the book.



Overall, the figure has a lot of eye candy to see, especially, with her being a swimsuit figure and with her originating from an ecchi show like To-Love-ru.


I could had sworn though, with some weird angles, she looks like she is smiling, although Yami’s a kuudere, and from all the official pictures of the figure I seen around the net, she’s definitely not supposed to be smiling.


All in all, despite the already massive amount of swimsuit figures circulating around, this is still a pretty good figure to collect. While simple, she is just so pleasant to look at.

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13 thoughts on “To-LOVE-ru Darkness – Konjiki no Yami (Swimsuit ver) by Alphamax

  1. Golden Darkness is one of the few characters I’d probably pick up To-Love-Ru again if I ever felt like it. Yui and Queen Saki as well. Everyone else is insignificant, though Lala’s sexiness cannot be denied.

    • I had already finished To-Love-ru myself, so I will be inclined towards To-Love-ru Darkness more, and since Darkness focuses more on Yami…

  2. Alphamax makes really good swimsuit figures, also their other figures are pretty items.
    I only have adult Nanoha, but she’s also quite pretty. Yami is a cute girl, I like the short teenager appearance of her figure, she is petite and relatively short limbs, the sculpting of her body is nice overall, but especially the wide hips are great ^^

    The detailed face is just lovely, seems to be a real good purchase .

    TLR Darkness is very, very ecchi, some scenes were really close to hentai stuff. In my opinion it lacks in more busty characters XD Well, its been some time since I watched the first season, so my tastes have changed a bit.

    haha don’t write fapable in your review, it’s rude towards the figure.

    • Now that when you mention it, I think this is my first Alphamax figure, and I’m definitely liking what I see xD

      I saw your adult Nanoha and she does looks pretty good too :D Still feel kinda funny how you cancelled the loli Nanoha order just for the adult version.. xD Indeed, what I like about this figure is that with the way it is sculptured, it shows Yami is indeed a loli, yet successfully captured the erotic look at the same time.

      I seen the first few chapters of the manga and I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Also, part of the reason why I didn’t watch TLR Darkness as it was aired was because I was waiting for uncensored versions xD I was sure the “censors” like steams or light will annoy the hell out of me even more, lol. And as for busty characters, I’m sure the first season had a lot more of them? Darkness seem to focus more of the loli characters, lol – Yami, Mikan, Momo.

      It was just a joke D:

      • Haha I can’t explain that either, maybe the nice boobs won me over ^^
        Yami is exceptionally attractive, maybe she’s just small.

        Haha at some scenes I actually wished for censorship, such a bold show, you should give it a try, it is nearly as hilarious as ecchi. Darkness should appeal to the whole audience ,not just DFC and no Yami’s friend was not enough, not enough in terms of characters, her size was all right ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

        It’s actually cruel how Lala was pushed aside, though she was involved in a super funny scene.

        Obviously it was one, I just remember how you said something about “sounding like a pervert” XD

        • But lolis are lovely!
          Small and smexy.

          I actually got the uncensored version downloaded, ready to watch at any time :p Although I have other priorities atm, but will most definitely watch it once the current season of anime ends, which is actually pretty close.

          Lala and Haruna’s more than involved in the main series I think^^”

          That, and me saying “Oh, she has curvy hips. Oh, she has nice butt. Oh, she has lovely modest chest.” I am surprised figure reviewers are able to keep writing with a straight face xD Or perhaps it’s the wording?

  3. Some great figure you have there~ I know nothing about specific details on how to judge figures, so a closer look-see would just be my basis. And from this post, I can say it’s a great figure. The only thing I can’t make out is the smile. The angles of the camera shots got me confused whether Yami is smiling softly or has her mouth open pretty slightly as if it were to convey another emotion.
    Buuuut, you said it. Yami’s a kuudere, so I’d go for my second option. XD
    Now I feel like collecting figures of my favorite characters of my favorite series. Maybe not now because of the student life, but one of these days… XD XD

  4. hey.. this is kinda weird but i also have this figure but my pitbull dog crushed it and ruined i, i was wondering if you would sell me the box? ill pay you because im desperate please?

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