Versatile Blogger Award: Part 2

I’ll be doing another award. This time, it’s by Alice Goes YOLO. Now, if you click the link, you will notice the blog has since yolo’ed itself to extinction (I blame myself for answering these awards forever), but just to prove I’m not pulling this out of my ass, here’s a screenshot of the pingback. (It’s in the About page if you cops really want to check).

Anyway, I mentioned sometime ago that my blog mascots are shades of myself. This statement couldn’t be even more truer for Kyouko — who represents my admiration for superheroes. The Versatile Blogger Award is an award where you need to share 7 things about yourself, and I’m going to use this chance to talk about Kyouko and how she reflects an aspect of myself.

1. For now, I suppose an introduction is in order. Kyouko is one of my blog mascot, you should probably notice her on the sidebar — the maid on the twitter icon. More of her can be seen here.

2. Superheroes — I mean who doesn’t admire their chivalry and selflessness? Even as I’ve grown into a cynical adult (if I even count as an adult), I feel like the little kid inside me is still there, who still admire all these cool selfless heroes. I designed Kyouko with that mindset — an ideal superhero who help anyone in distress. Her design is interesting because I deliberately made it pseudo-realistic; and uses guns and martial arts, while suits and sunglasses are her “hero costume”. When she needs to go back to the public, her maid duties during the day served as a disguise. The pseudo-realistic design reflects an aspect of myself — my wish fulfillment as a hero. If she’s too supernatural, that’s too far gone for me to connect.

3. Superheroes go hand in hand with cool aesthetics. Personally, I’ve always thought motorcycles are cool. I never ridden them though, and I don’t plan to, but the fact that I’ve never ridden them fueled my romanticism even more. Obviously, I also made this a character trait for Kyouko — having a motorcycling hobby. There’s nothing like riding a cruiser, wearing a pair of ray ban sunglasses and cruising on the highway as your hair flutters in the wind.

4. Being a fan of martial arts movies, I tend to imagine how she fights sometimes. In my mind, mostly with a strong emphasis on judo throws and grappling holds. In fact, with the grappling, suits and guns, she’s pretty much John Wick. Interestingly, I designed her long before I watched the movie though.

5. Here’s a light intermission — it would be pretty cool to see Kyouko in Girls Frontline (lol). Not sure what gun she should use for the game though.

6. In a way, because of the emptiness of my life, that only fuels my obsession with my escapades to heroic universes. I think this is one reason why I’ve always like action genre, and especially shounen anime. The characters can do things I don’t, and their moral principles make it easy for me to cheer for them. Somewhere down the line, they become my wish fulfillment as a hero. Kyouko is the embodiment of my fantasy.

7. I suppose you can say Kyouko is my superego. I’m gonna spare you the Freudian mumbo jumbo, but I’m saying this now because I might have another character that represents my ID. …And I’m just going to leave it at that for now. I have some problems with my life now that makes commissioning artworks tough, so all these character ideas are just inside my head. But I do want to save the surprise if I do commission again.

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