Entertainer Blogger Award

I was about to make some joke about how I’m the most “entertaining” guy in the aniblogging world with jokes so cold even crickets unfortunate enough to listen to my sound pollution would disappear off the face of earth immediately. But anyway, I was nominated by TPAB for the Entertainer Blogger Award where you need to answer a set of questions. Let’s get it on.

1. Why did you blog in the first place?
You might be thinking I have some grandiose reasons like “I want to spread the love of anime through my writing!” or something. Fact of the matter is though, I originally just wanted to share my figures — I started collecting figures just a little bit prior and wanted a personal platform to share them. But since I don’t really collect a lot, I needed to write other posts for my blog to stay afloat. Before I knew it, these “other posts” eventually become the main posts, transitioning Deluscar into an editorial-oritentated blog. Since I don’t plan to buy new figures anytime soon, figure posts is something that will fade into the background sooner rather than later. It’s unfortunate, but for now here’s my figure page if anyone’s interested.

After blogging for awhile though, I also find blog to be a great platform to express your thoughts. Social media like twitter have become more integral to the internet, but they just don’t work for wordy thoughts in my opinion. Besides, having a personal platform feels great. Having a personal platform to express your thoughts is really underappreciated — I feel this is the one thing that has made me stuck with blogging as long as I did.

2. What is your favorite book?
I’m a studious intellectual who only read trashy light novels. My favorites, just to name a few, are Sayonara Piano Sonata, HakoMari, Book Girl and Kieli. I’m going to take this chance to recommend Book Girl though — it’s a really great series with some excellent characters, and is just generally a great story regardless of your appreciation of light novels as a medium. I know I joke a lot in these award/question posts, but Book Girl is truly my most no-nonsense, no-bullshit answer to this question “What is your favorite book?”.

3. What do you dislike the most?
The emptiness of my life. Also, stop killing the headphone jacks.

This is totally how I eat sushi.

4. What is your favorite food at the mall?
Not much of a gourmand myself but I suppose I can just pick the weebo answer and go with sushi — I mean, they ARE pretty good.

Other than that, Chinese dim sums are my go-to meals if I want something a little bit more light. Few of my favorite dim sums include shaomai, jian dui, egg tarts, spring rolls and the good ol’ pork buns. After all, a man who never eats pork buns, is never a whole man.

5. What is your favorite past time?
I’m a violent piece of trash who loves watching people fight, grinning maniacally as their blood sprays everywhere like a jet fountain. Joking… maybe. Though I do watch the occasional MMA matches and martial arts films. I suppose when it comes down to it, I’m just a martial arts geek and enjoy immersing myself into their techniques and cultures. In fact, I even created a new blog awhile ago just for me to talk about these, though it’s even more dead than my life as I can barely even keep Deluscar active.

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