Weapons – A Reflection of One’s Own Personality #2

Few months back, I made a post which compares weapons, specifically bladed weapons in contrast to human personalities. I also planned to make a similar post which compares personalities with guns instead of blades. This however, proved to be difficult due to the extreme amount of guns available, and adding to the fact that each gun has their own different modification and configuration.

One way or the other here in part 2, I finally managed to come up with one, though the accuracy of this comparison is again, mainly debatable.

Machine Guns

If one chooses machine guns, that means he is one who prefer a close-quarter full frontal assault without a sound, strategic plan.

Machine guns users are prone to panicky. They are also quick to feel nervousness or excitement, and to that end, they gain adrenaline rush much more faster then ordinary people. The only thing that matters to them is speed, as they value quantity or quality. For instance, one who uses machine guns like to rush things to the point of multi-tasking, though it’s doubtful whether or not their multi-tasking is productive.

Machine gun users are also quick to take interest of things though the downfall is that their interests and motivations only usually last a short while, before picking up on a completely new interest a little later. Ultimately, what’s good about machine gun users are that they are quick to act without hesitation, but they would probably change their minds halfway through.

Note: This applies to any other similar rapid-firing fully automatic firearms like submachine guns, assault rifles and so on.


Shotguns are mostly chosen by people who prefer doing things in one single burst. Unlike machine gun users, shotgun users are better at focusing on one single task, and doing that to completion, and only then they switch to other task. They are the textbook examples of doing things step-by-step. The downside to this is that after they finished their “burst”, they need to rest slightly before starting a new one. If I were to use anime example, machine gun users would probably watch as many anime as possible whereas shotgun users prefer to marathon one single anime in one single swoop. However for the latter, after he is done, he will need to rest and absorb the storylines a bit before starting a new anime altogether.

Shotguns are mostly used by people with strong willpower. Even if they are losing on the bottom line, they are not afraid to keep trying until their powerful single burst strike actually hit something, and once they do, it does pack some serious punch. They are stubborn individuals too and if you’re arguing with them, be ready for them to retaliate with some logical counter argument.

Sniper Rifles

Ones who use sniper rifles prioritize in observations and deductions. They are cynical beings who look at things in the bigger picture. With careful scrutiny, they are able to think several steps ahead and probably make plans to accommodate any kinds of scenarios.

Sniper rifle users are extremely calm individuals, even facing upon risky crisis, they are still able to formulate plans. They are the types who would prefer using their brains rather then brawls. Sniper rifles users are also people who are good at management and organization and are probably people who would be responsible in organizing a party, get-together and so on.

On very extreme measures, they could even be apathetic beings who put on different masks of fake emotions. By putting up this facade, they are able to carefully observe their opponents up close while they had their guard down, and after finally finding their opponent’s weak spot, they would exploit it to the very end.

As for me, my personality is that of a machine gun. Quick to act in full force but quick to panic, however, the ironic thing is that I find my way of completing tasks resemble more of a shotgun, focusing one task in full bursts rather then a little of everything. So ultimately, I’m a hybrid of shotgun and machine gun.

However though, the persona of sniper rifles is what I aspire to be. While I always remind myself to always be analytical and look at things in the bigger picture, once I panicked, I immediately lose all my cool and returns back to my usual “speed”. I’m slowly and slowly getting the hang of it though so I guess it’s a good beginning.

So which gun are you?

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23 thoughts on “Weapons – A Reflection of One’s Own Personality #2

  1. Out of these three, I would probably say I’m the sniper type. At least I am when I play Team Fortress 2. But I do tend to prefer looking at things from farther away rather than up close.

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  3. I guess I’m more of a machine gun, less of a sniper (a full auto sniper?!) I enjoy managing but still quick to react and panic during certain situations (there goes observing and analyzing).

    • Full auto sniper, that’s crazy D:
      Yea, with this personality, don’t you always feel how your “management” always doesn’t go accordingly to plans? That’s the case for me D:

    • Sniper roles are what I aspire to be :D I can look at people more in-depth now but I still got a long way to go.

      Me too, and I quite majorly use the “shotgun” method when I watch anime :D

  4. No hand guns?

    My personal collection consists of three shotguns, three repeating rifles, and one revolver. Though my semi-automatic(!) 12 gauge can make an impression, I get the most satisfaction out of watching things fly apart after being hit by my .357magnum. Target practice with it just “feels” right….besides, after firing off a brick of ammo I need to be able to feel something, cause I certainly can’t hear anymore.

    So, anyway, this is a request to include hand guns to your analysis. Big hand guns, mind you…

  5. Definitely a sniper
    Ever headshot a soldier rocketjumping at you? It feels good when you taunt as their lifeless body fall in front of your feet.
    Can’t remember how many times I had to plan trips with my friends, if it was anyone that wasn’t me, something would have gone wrong.
    Analysis is something I’m good at when it comes to people, just a natural “I know what you’re going to do next” thought pops in my head
    Unorganized answer ftw

    • Sadism! A sadistic sniper ftw.
      I planned trips with my friends too, but my plan got foiled always by some unforseen incidents D:
      Nice. I bet you observe other people a lot while noming on your potato chips, shouting keikaku dohri all the time :D

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  8. 1.im more of a melee person i choose swords first but not any i dont use sabers excalibure alike[broadsword if im not wrong xD] i like katana dagger than its knives not dual dagers r diffrent from knives
    2. is handguns i can use them in many ways i like to snipe with them xD than its rifles not assualt rifles hunting rifles than sniper than shotgun and than machine guns

  9. wat u did here is rlly awesome but u need more info xD
    like machine gun its true they like to rush things and they r frontial bur they have medium range not closee close is for shotgun

  10. sniper is a support person too they can watch their comrades back from far and support them
    and shotgun is a fast one its lighter than machine gun and easier to carry than sniper so they can go in battle fast aand if in next turn someone pops up r.i.p they r destroyed xD handgun is handy just like it says xD u can have it by ur side and pull it out real fast u can either focus and aim betwin far andmedium or go close call and make thee guy’s face look like a spider’s face XD which i do both but i perfer to have a shot gun or sniper with me too and knife i mean who dosent have a knife

  11. Damn, the sniper described me perfectely o.O Except the “would prefer using their brains rather then brawls” Tho I love psychological warfare and Im really good at it, I also like hand to hand combat because I do martial arts and I’ve always had a thing for fighting. But other than that, the sniper is so me.

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